Zion Women’s Climbing Trip

Hey ladies, we recently got word of a really cool climbing festival coming up that we wanted to share with you! The Zion Women’s Climbing Trip is scheduled to take place March 30-April 11 at Zion National Park. There is no charge for people to attend, other than the cost of the campground fee which is $3/night. This event – even though it’s called a women’s climbing trip, is open to guys too. The goal of the event is to foster an exchange of experience between climbers from different countries and show support within the international rock climbing community.

From the trip organizer Sergey Dremin:
“This trip follows a lineage of other similar trips around the world by a group of Russian women rock climber and mountaineers. We want to meet other American and international climbers while at Zion. All levels of climbing experinces are welcome, as long as you have enough brains not to get hurt. Check out our Facebook page for more information at:” http://www.facebook.com/events/218974248177426/

Here’s the lowdown:

The participants:
25 Russian rock climbers and mountaineers, and you. About 15 women, with multiple women-only climbing teams. More info from past events: http://orangesunshineteam.ru/

The plan:
March 30: Meet up and settle down at the group campsite E5 at Watchman Campground, 20 spots available between March 30-April 7 at $3 per person, per night.
March 31-April 1: Try out shorter routes in a common location. (Sport climbing, short trad routes.)
April 1: Meet-up at a venue (Majestic View Lodge) for afternoon festivities.
April 2-6: Climb longer multi-pitch routes. Please remember to let somebody know where you are going for safety. Multi-day routes are discouraged, you will need additional permits from Zion NP for those. (Trad climbing)
April 6: Party at the campsite in the evening, get some interesting outdoor schwag.
April 7-11: More climbing. Watcham group campground E5 is ONLY reserved until the 6th.

Interested in learning more? The main contact in the U.S. is: Sergey Dremin, in Denver, CO, who you can reach at 970-214-7653, serega7@gmail.com.

Happy climbing! 🙂