You Can Do Hard Things

Chicks Indian Creek Closing Meeting, a celebration of having done hard things.

Chicks Indian Creek Closing Meeting, a celebration of having done hard things.

It’s good to be home after a whirlwind of Chicks rock climbing clinics.

Vegas, Bishop, Joshua Tree, Indian Creek.

Early in the month, Elaina and I teamed up with Mountain Gear to present clinics at the Red Rock Rendezvous. Over four days, 1000 climbers took part. We are always honored to participate in this amazing climbing festival.

After the Rendezvous, came Flash Foxy’s Women’s Climbing Festival in Bishop, California, where Kitty and I taught a clinic together in the Owen’s River George. Flash Foxy is an excellent place for Kitty and me to spread the good work of Chicks.

Next, a small, intimate clinic over Easter weekend in Joshua Tree: only five of us allowed us to really minimize our impact on the crags. Chicks works hard to be respectful and low-profile when visiting National Parks and other sensitive areas.

Indian Creek clinic finished up the month with a different level of engagement. Indian Creek is remote. There’s no wifi or cell service. I watched everyone let go and focus on the moment. Unplugging allowed for a childlike playfulness—needed to climb splitter cracks!

All month, I worked with women, supporting them to tackle objectives with power and confidence. They all came with goals and I watched them all obtain and surpass their goals.

Now, it’s my turn. I must practice what I preach, walk the walk, climb the climb.

But I’m lucky, I take with me the infectious spirit and empowerment of each woman. Their courage emboldens me.

In summary, I leave you with a very short story:

A mother was climbing with her daughter.

The daughter said, “This is hard.”

Her mother replied, “You can do hard things.”

I take it with me; My mantra: You Can Do Hard Things!

Happy Spring,

Dawn Glanc