Women in Ouray Ice Festival competition

In response to the question as to why there were only four women admitted into the Ouray Ice Festival Competition this year, the Head Chick went to the director of the Ouray Ice Fest competition to get answers.

Here’s what she found out:
“Historically, there have only been 15 men and 5 women in the comp. This year 25 men and 7 women applied. Two women didn’t make the cut. So they narrowed it to a field of 15 men and 5 women.

When one woman dropped out – the two alternates were called and both denied. So they only have 4 women this year. The comp. director said it’s nothing against women, it’s that no-one applied.”

Here are the four women that will be competing:

Zoe Hart
Emily Harrington
Dawn Glanc
Jen Olson

Best of luck to all of you!

*Update* This post was edited 1/11/11 to remove a metaphorical comment made by a third party when we were trying to find out the real deal behind the four women in the competition. The comment was not an opinion by the Head Chick on the difficulty of the route or any of the competitors’ climbing abilities.