When you gotta go, what’s the easiest FUD to use?

Two of the wonderful ladies we have on our blogroll, “Rockgrrl” (the one and only Eileen Ringwald), and author of “Everyfrog’s Blog,” Tiffany Royal have each posted brand new reviews of FUDs – female urination device (or director), something essential to many of us chicks!

Eileen gave the Sani Fem Freshette a test to compare alongside the GoGirl. In testing both devices on a recent trip to Indian Creek Rockgrrl concluded: “The difference in the two non disposable models I used is that the Go Girl is flexible silicon, and the Freshette is hard plastic with a pull out tube. This sturdier model was better for using more discretely (I didn’t have to lower my shorts). The GoGirl I wasn’t confident to do that so it was a little pointless in the convenience area, however it worked in the “don’t have to balance squat” way. Since the GoGirl can stow smaller I can see how it might be useful in areas where it isn’t so much standing up is a convenience but a way to get away from unsanitary positions (portapotties or unkempt bathrooms) or to put distance between you and poison oak / ivy, bugs, etc.”

Check out the complete in-depth review and description of both devices on Rockgrrl here!

Tiffany tested out The Freshette FUD several years ago, and in her review describes just how convenient and easy it is to use, clean, and store, which is why she considers this girly pink piece of gear her “11th essential.”

You can read all about Tiffany’s experiences using the device to pee like a guy when needed saying “It goes on every trip – backpacking, cragging, mountaineering,” here on Everyfrog’s blog.

Do you have experience with a FUD? If so, which one do you prefer and would recommend to other ladies?