What will Chicks be like?

Girly Guide Angela Hawse recently returned to her home state – West Virginia – to teach some amazing gals how to climb at the New River Gorge Girly Gathering.

Among the attendees was a childhood friend of Angela’s, who like many that are thinking of coming out to their first Chicks Clinic, was a bit nervous about what to expect.

Here is what Angela wrote to her – and what I, as a Chick who has attended Chicks with Picks and Chicks Rock! events can say from personal experience is true of our events!

Angela’s Chicks in the New!

A warm, friendly greeting.

Lots of other women wondering what to expect and feeling anxious

Experienced, friendly guides

Giggles, and good times

To be safe and taught how to be safe but not expected to retain everything

To be watched like a hawk in case you do something silly that might get you in trouble! ha ha ha!

To be encouraged, cheered on, laughed at, awed and inspired

To be proud, frustrated, scared, tired, psyched and surprised at yourself and others

To discover things within yourself that you never knew you had

To experience one of the most beautiful places in WV with other appreciative women

To have more fun than anyone else you know!!

That’s just a sneak preview!!

I think Angela has wonderfully captured the spirit of our Chicks events – the laughter and camaraderie you experience even if you show up knowing NO-ONE is true every single time. Believe me, you will be leaving with lifelong friends!

Our last Chicks Rock! event is coming up in just a few weeks – our annual fall trip to Red Rock Oct. 18-21, with an optional multi-pitch day Oct. 22. We additionally have a new option for a stay in the “Chicks Chalet” which you can read all about here.

After that, we are all done for 2012, but have big plans for our Chicks with Picks ice climbing clinics in January. So please take a look at our schedule and come climb with us and see what it’s all about! I promise, you will NOT regret it 🙂