What the Chicks are saying about Devil’s Lake

As our Devil’s Lake Chicks have made their way home after a FUN weekend of climbing, we are compiling photos and testimony from their experience because no-one can really tell you what a clinic is like better than a Chick! Here are some of the wonderful comments we’ve gotten already!

Devils Lake 2011. WOW! I went alone nudging myself outside of my comfort zone. What I came back with is immeasurable. So amazing how the nuances of climbing translate SO much to our personal lives. I am SO grateful to have the opportunity to hang with such amazing mentors. Thank you for giving me the confidence to dig a little deeper. All I can say is, WOW! I miss you all already!!

Tracey Wierman

Just wrapped up Chicks Climbing weekend at Devils Lake! What an experience! All the guides are beautiful strong women, everyone was so inspirational! Chicks rock! An experience that was priceless! Thank you so much for a tough weekend of climbing, for pushing me out of my comfort zone, for being YOU!

– Kimberly Sprecher

Thanks for a weekend of new friends, camaraderie, badass women and phenomenal climbing! All you women climbers out there … don’t miss out on the chance to hang with Chicks Climbing! This organization is outstanding, and getting to know a community of women climbers along with my super cool daughter just rocked. I’ll be back on another Chicks Climbing trip asap!

– Melissa McPheeters

What an awesome weekend. Thanks, Chicks. Had a blast. So inspired by all the women this weekend!

– Lydia Whitehead

I have bruises in places I didn’t know had touched the rock, but it was all quite good fun. Thanks, Chicks!

– Sarah Pfatteicher

 Do you have something to add? Make sure to e-mail it to me at chicksclimbing[at]gmail.com along with any links to photo albums you would like to share as well!

Thanks to all of our Chicks for making it a wonderful weekend! 🙂


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