Use Your Power Center (a.k.a The Butt Story)

We recently posted this Kitty Calhoun quote on Facebook, “Your butt is your power center….use it!” We received such a great response that we asked Kitty to elaborate in a blog post giving all of us the opportunity to think about our tush in a new, positive way.  So, let’s listen to Kitty and Sir Mix-A-Lot and celebrate our gifts!

Written by: Kitty Calhoun, Chicks Girly Guide


Susanne working her glutes!

I always thought my hips were like an anchor on a ship, weighing me down, until one day I saw a woman using her hips powerfully for momentum as she easily sent an overhanging sport route. Then, I started rethinking my opinion of my hips. What if, I thought, the more big and powerful your hips are, the stronger of a climber you could be – if you used them to your advantage.

As soon as I got home, I went to my book collection and pulled out Performance Rock Climbing, by D Goddard and U Neumann, to see if by chance they could confirm my new theory. I went to the index and low and behold, there it was – a whole chapter devoted to gender differences. Under the subheading “Power Center” it states…”The wider frame of attachment for the abdominal and gluteal muscles translates to a greater capacity for torsional stability and body tension from her power center.” Yes! I am a genius.

So, what this means is not only do you want to move your hips over your feet for balance, but you can also use the power of your hips for momentum. And furthermore, when turning sideways to reach a hold, “with proper foot choice, the lower body can generate a twisting force that, relayed through the more powerful core, rolls the upper body on the shoulders in a twist-lock”. This is powerful stuff.

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