TWWI alumna shares her experience

As promised, today we hear from a participant of TWWI courses, “Little L”!

I am a two-time participant in the Leadership course, and both of my adventures have been life changing.  The principle value I’ve learned on my two summers with TWWI is respect:  respect for the environment, for the opinions of others, for yourself, and for women everywhere. This sense of appreciation and honor for the multifaceted beauty around me is something I take with me after my experiences in the backcountry with TWWI.

Another special thing about TWWI is the level of support you get from your trip leaders (although on the leadership course, we acknowledge that everyone in the group assumes the role of a trip leader).  My trip leaders were amazing at making sure the needs of the group were met, while also helping us expand the boundaries of our comfort zones each day.  Each girl has their personal challenges on the trip that become very apparent in the first couple of days, but through the effort of the group, each girl grows to work with and eventually overcome their challenges.

In my first year, I struggled with the altitude of the hike.  Coming from sea level in New Jersey the shift in altitude was noticeable for me.  There were times I felt horrible, wanting to give up and just stop, but being in my group I realized my hardships didn’t change the fact that we needed to reach a certain milestone for the day in order to stay on schedule.  You realize you’re not the only one with needs and you certainly don’t hold precedent over the needs of the group as a whole.

I learned to push through these difficulties, and in the process I realized just how strong I was.

That’s what TWWI does for you; it shows you the power in a group of dedicated young women, and also the power in yourself.  This year I have decided to return to Boulder to mentor young girls.

TWWI is for everyone from the first-time backpacker to the seasoned hiker.

Learn more about The Girls’ Wilderness Program here and see what Lori, “Little L’s” mother had to say about the program here.

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