The Chicks Experience: Beth Elliott

Beth Elliott at Chicks Rock!, Red Rocks, April 2010

A Chicks Climbing clinic – whether it is Chicks Rock! or Chicks with Picks – is about so much more than climbing. It’s about really opening the eyes of the women who participate to the possibilities and opportunities that are available for them to grab a hold of, not just in climbing but in life.

Every woman that attends a clinic is given the opportunity to explore her own mental and physical strength in a safe and supportive learning environment. Whether you have never climbed before or are ready to lead on your own, we’ve got a bounty of opportunities to improve your climbing at a Chicks clinic. Our next big intensive Chicks Rock! clinic is just about a month away, Sept. 13-16 at Devil’s Rock, Wisconsin. This is within an hour of Madison, four hours to the Twin Cities, and only 3.5 hours from Chicago.

Earlier this summer we talked to Chicks Rock! and Chicks with Picks participant Beth Elliott about her most recent clinic – Chicks Rock! in Red Rocks this past spring. Check out what she had to say about her Chicks Rock! experience below, and let us know if you are interested in participating in and learning more about this upcoming intensive rock climbing clinic.

How many other Chicks Climbing clinics have you attended?
Two – Chicks Rock at Red Rocks in the Fall, and the Betty Ice Ball in January.

What did you learn about rock climbing at the Chicks clinic?
That it’s more mental than I realized! Kitty spent a lot of time with me working on my breathing and my approach – not as much on other, more technical skills, although we certainly covered a lot of technique.

What did you learn about yourself at the Chicks clinic?
That I really love pushing my limits, both physically (i.e. trying harder climbs than ever before) and mentally (e.g., committing to a longer and more difficult multi-pitch climb than I’d ever done before…and then loving it!).

Did you have fun at the Chicks clinic? What was the best/worst part?
YES! The best part for me was the whole multi-pitch day – it was great to work with Dawn and Tonya like that, and I really enjoyed the challenge.  And I didn’t really have a “worst” part…..

Have you been able to use what you learned upon your return home?
Yes. I think about what Kitty said about my breathing a lot when I’m climbing, particularly when I’m trying something new or hard.

Did your Chicks experience inspire you to make a change in your life in any way? (If so, please explain).
Climbing with Chicks has certainly improved my confidence in other areas of my life.  Knowing that I’ve accomplished what I’ve done with Chicks inspires me to take on new challenges and try new things.

Would you recommend a Chicks clinic to a friend?
YES! Without question or hesitation. The quality of the guiding, combined with the women-only experience, makes Chicks unique in my experience.

Are you interested in sharing your Chicks experience with the community? Let me know by sending an e-mail to maijaliisa.burkert[at]

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