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GU Chews - very important climbing accessory! ©Kitty Calhoun

GU Chews – very important climbing accessory! ©Kitty Calhoun

It was the hardest sport route I had ever attempted to redpoint.

I couldn’t rub the sweat out of my eyes, nor could I see clearly, as I reached for and held a tiny cobble in order to set up for the crux deadpoint.

My stomach grumbled.

“Now or never!” I said to myself. Then I launched, thrusting my hips into the wall.  But to no avail, my fingers only grasped the air just shy of the bucket hold and I fell back into the rope.

“Lower!” I exclaimed in disappointment.

I couldn’t give up. I was too close.  I needed to recover and then give it another try while the moves were still fresh in my head.  Clearly, I needed to rest and I needed to eat.  The problem is that I find it difficult to digest food when I am performing at my max.

Fortunately, I have discovered GU chews.

I sat down under a tree and ate a whole package of  Gu Chews followed by a third a quart of water. Then I continued to rest for a full half an hour as my stomach easily digested the Chews with just the right amount and ratio of glucose and fructose.

When I tied back into the rope, I felt strong again.

And, sure enough, when I finally held the tiny cobble to set up for the crux, my stomach did not grumble and I could see clearly. Then I launched and caught the bucket hold like it was never a hard move at all!

Now, I ‘m not saying sending my hardest redpoint to date was all because of GU chews, but I’m not saying it wasn’t either…

Thank You to the Sponsors & Supporters of “The Complete”!

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters of the Chicks with Picks “Complete” that is going on right now. Here is a little sampling of the goodies our gals get to take home with them (not to mention all of the demo gear they are outfitted in as well)!

Thank you Marmot, our title sponsor! These programs would not happen without your support!

Patagonia! A company that supports Chicks, sponsors Kitty & provides tons of soft goods to keep our gals warm in the park. Oh, and gives everyone one of these awesome shopping bags!

Osprey Packs, which also makes awesome hats. Our Chicks are always easy to spot in the Ice Park with all the bright Osprey demo packs, which have tons of space for everything inside so we don’t have junk shows with things strapped all over the outside 😉

Pistl! Could these gals look any cuter with these awesome hats?

Fox River socks! These are always a favorite with the gals!

Nothing worse than a hungry Chick trying to ice climb. Thankfully, Luna bars keep our Chicks satisfied!

Beyond Coastal/Chums keeps our Chicks from getting sunburned!

Too cold to eat but need some quick fuel? That’s what these Gu’s are great for!

Last, but certainly not least – Grabber! Helping Chicks keep hands, toes and everything in between WARM! Love these things!!!

We also want to thank The Victorian Inn for continuing to host our gals in Ouray as well as Eddie Bauer First Ascent which is sponsoring some brand new Chicks to come out and climb in “The Quickie” in just a couple of weeks!

Our Chicks Climbing programs really and truly rely on the support of our sponsors and we hope you will sponsor those that sponsor us in turn! 🙂