Scarpa Geckos | #No Place Too Far

Angela Hawse dances up the approach trail in her Scarpa Geckos

Angela Hawse dances up the approach trail in her Scarpa Geckos

Dear Scarpa Geckos,

Over the past three decades, I’ve worn through many an approach shoe relationship. None come close to making me as happy as you.

You are my fun-times go-to.

Your fine edge complements my rough edges. I look so good with you on my feet.

Whenever I feel insecure, you help me get a grip.

Your turquoise body and coral-toned trim is beautiful. Your sole is so stable and inspiring—true to your purpose. I believe there’s #noplacetoofar. Wearing a shoe of your stature, I always take one step further.

But what amazes me most is the quality of your full-leather body. You take all the abuse approach shoes get without a peep.

Geckos you’re burly and you’re sassy and girly. You’re a rare shoe that shines in the mountains and on the dance floor to boot.

You are my one and only.


Chicks Gear: Evolv Cruzer

Evolv Cruzer ReviewFirst, I will tell you that I am a Chicks employee, but I am not a super hard core, pro climber.  Just an average Chick who enjoys climbing moderates and needed a great pair of shoes.  Evolv did not give me the Cruzer to demo.  I purchased them with my hard-earned money from Bent Gate Mountaineering in Golden, Colorado.  I was looking for a new approach shoe, but wanted something light enough to carry up with me on my harness or in a summit pack for long walk-offs.

I have had the Evolv Cruzer for a year now.  I have worn them in a variety of areas including on long-ish approaches in Red Rocks, Nevada, average approaches in the South Platte, Colorado, and most recently, in Joshua Tree.   So far, I am extremely happy with my purchase.  They are exactly as promised, lightweight, comfy and super sticky which was perfect for the boulder-filled approaches in J-Tree.   They also had a few “surprise features” that I have grown to love including a foldable heel to wear clog style as I transition out of climbing shoes at a crag, an extra comfortable tongue that does not bunch up and get in the way, and a style that allows me to sport them around town if I’m heading straight from the climb to a social activity.  They also have a nice rubber covering on the tip to help me avoid unwanted brushes with cactus in the desert.

They are comfortable but to be super lightweight, they don’t offer much support for my high arches.  I used them for an hour approach in Red Rocks and that is about as far as I will go in them.  Anything longer and I will switch to my heavy duty approach shoes.

Sizing: I usually wear a 5.5 or 6 climbing shoe and I fit snugly into a size 5 in the Cruzer, which was a surprise to me so I would definitely recommend trying them on in your fav climbing store to ensure you get a perfect fit.  I do not own Evolv climbing shoes so I do not know if their sizing is consistent.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with my purchase and would buy again!

What Evolv says about the Cruzer:

Sitting at the intersection of performance and casual, the Cruzer is a versatile minimalist tool that will challenge your imagination. The Cruzer can be worn fully laced up for maximum support, or slipped on for quick/casual missions. You can scramble up slabs or clip them on your harness when climbing a multi-pitch route to cruise down sketchy descents in comfort. At the end of the day, kick back around the campfire in slipper mode or throw on a pair of jeans and head out for a night on the town.

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Wearing the Cruzer

Sporting the Cruzer after a great climb in J-Tree!