Stuck Cam – How to Remove a Stuck Cam? | Chicks Climbing

Kitty calhoun explains how to remove a stuck cam

Kitty Calhoun answers How to Remove a Stuck Cam?

Have you ever struggled to remove a stuck cam?

When trying to remove a stuck came it helps to know how it got stuck in the first place.

Most of the time a cam gets stuck when a leader gets pumped and scared. In a rush, the leader pulls the trigger bars back and rams the cam into the crack. And even if it is too big, they are too sketched to replace it with the proper size. Instead they clip and keep climbing.

It’s also common for cams to get stuck when they walk back into the crack. This can happen when the leader used a short sling. A short sling can encourage the rope to jiggle the cam. The jiggling causes the cam to walk back. Flaring cracks are particularly prone for this. The problem with a cam walking back is that you can no longer reach the trigger bars in order to release it.

Tips to Remove a Stuck Cam:

1. Look to see how the cam was placed. Was it placed from below, above or straight in horizontally? Try to remove it the same way it went in.

2. Use a nut tool to

  • Pry against the groove and get movement in the cam leg that is most wedged.
  • Pull the cam out horizontally if appropriate.
  • Hook the trigger bar to pull down while pushing up on the stem. You can also use a sling for this technique. See video –