Sterling Rope Recycling Initiative

We love our sponsors at Sterling Rope not just because they are awesome people that make awesome ropes, support awesome people in the climbing world (like Girly Guide Angela Hawse, Girly Guide Margot Talbot, Janet Bergman, Sarah Hueniken and the Smileys’ “Committed” Fifty Classic Climbs project too)  but also because the company is environmentally conscious, which is something we hold in very high regard at Chicks. This commitment to the environment is most evident in the Sterling Rope Recycling Initiative, which the company has been leading for the past seven years.  Although it initially started as a means to recycle manufacturing waste, it has since evolved into the recycling of old, retired dynamic climbing ropes as well. The really cool thing is, it doesn’t have to be a Sterling rope to be recycled, it can be any dynamic climbing rope from any manufacturer!

So, what does Sterling Rope do with these retired ropes? The first priority is to up-cycle the material into things such as dog leashes, rope rugs or hammocks, which they do through partners in these areas. The rope that doesn’t go into an up-cycle project is recycled in a process of grinding, melting and re-pelletizing the nylon to be used into other items such as carpet fiber, children’s toys, coat hangers and even telephones!

If you’ve got a rope to retire and want to join in on the Sterling Rope Recycling Initiative, simply send your rope to:
Sterling Rope Company, Inc.
c/o Rope Recycling Program
26 Morin Street
Biddeford, ME 04005-4413

Alternately, if you want to save the cost of shipping (note that Sterling Rope recommends most economic shipping can be found via USPS) you can look for the Sterling Rope booth at many major climbing festivals across the country, where they will also collect your retired ropes! You can look for Sterling Rope at our two upcoming Girly Gatherings as well. The first will be at the New River Gorge Sept. 21-23, and the second will be in the Keene Valley (Adirondacks) Oct. 5-8. (Check them out and join us!)

Additionally, Sterling Rope lists some other regional options for you to consider with your retired rope but please note, that a retired rope should NEVER be used as a life-safety line!
– Maple Leash (North East, US) – –
– Mountain Dog (South West, US) – –
– Krebs Recycle (North West, US) –  –
– Rope Rugs (California, US) – –
– Ruggin (Central, US) – – ph.: (719) 963-3773
– Bolder Path (Colorado, US) – –

For those of you at the point of retiring an old rope – ideally through the Sterling Rope Recycling Initiative program – you’re obviously going to need a new one, and what better rope than Sterling?!?! (I know I’m personally coveting these Marathon half ropes!)

Thanks again to Sterling Rope for their support of our Chicks Rock! women’s rock climbing programs. 🙂