Skills without the Frills

Are you one who would rather forego the cost of a shared house and would prefer to tell stories around a campfire, feel a soft warm breeze blow across your face, and gaze at the stars? Cell service is limited to nonexistent so this is your chance to unplug from your reality and recharge your internal battery. If this sounds like your cup of tea, we have planned a couple of  programs at world-class sport climbing destinations just for you – at City of Rocks, Rifle and Maple Canyon.

All three areas feature a plethora of classic routes at all grades, and you will be grouped with a few others who share similar experience and goals. Expect to improve your climbing skills, and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded women in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. These all women rock climbing trips will focus on the movement skills needed to advance to the next level of climbing; yet they are distinctly different:

City of Rocks, IDAHO:

In City of Rocks, you will find granite domes, with an emphasis on footwork and balance on technical face, slabs and cracks. Friction is the name of the game here and you will practice working on your balance, moving efficiently by shifting your center of gravity and learning how to jam your hands in the cracks. There is also an optional multi-pitch day which is perfect for anyone who would like to experience that for the first time. Either way, you will come away from this weekend moving more fluidly and gracefully. More


Rifle Mountain Park in Western Colorado is a narrow limestone canyon tucked back in the forest. The approach is just minutes from the parking area and the area is filled with blocky features that will teach you how to use opposition forces in your climbing movement. It’s a great area for those learning to lead and practice common sport climbing tactics like stick clipping, projecting skills, cleaning steep routes and taking clean falls. More

Maple Canyon, UTAH:

Maple CanyonIn Maple Canyon, you will find walls composed of cobbles of all sizes which are mortered together to create a 3-D climbing experience. You will find pockets in-between the cobbles, sloping handholds from grapefruit to medicine ball size, crimps and edges on the broken cobbles and almost everything inbetween.

There are vertical faces to climb as well as wildly overhanging routes to practice steep climbing technique like drop knees and back-stepping. Not sure what that means? Well join us and our team of female guides will show you the secrets to successfully climbing this unique rock. More