A Love Letter to My Scarpa Phantom Techs

So sexy! Scarpa's Phantom Tech Ice Climbing Boot

So sexy! Scarpa’s Phantom Tech Ice Climbing Boot

Dear Scarpa Phantom Techs,

It’s that time of year again when I have more time for you and we can pick up where we left off last season on some of our favorite frozen waterfalls. Although I have terribly cold toes 365 days a year (poor circulation), you manage to keep me warm out on the ice where suffering used to be the norm.

What I love most about you is your svelt, tech look and feel. Not only do I look good with you on my feet, I climb better than ever. It’s remarkable what your lightweight nature has done to make all that fancy footwork a breeze.

Your integrated gator is super sexy and super functional and as we all know, the old days of gators have come to an end in the world of fashion and function.

I also appreciate how comfy you are on the approach and descent. Just loosening you up a bit makes a world of difference when we’re walking. Yet, even with gloves on, you’re quick and easy to tighten at the base of a cold climb. And you keep my heel locked in place exactly where I need it.

I promise to bring you in out of the cold, warm you up when we’re done, and take good care of you again this season, just like you do for me. 

 Thank you,


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  1. daniela
    daniela says:

    Hi Angela! i wanted to ask you about the sizing…. are they true to size? i want to buy my first pair but, have no scarpa to compare them with. Im a 5.5 on normal shoes so i intended to buy a 38/38.9 or maybe even 39…. but ive read a lot about them and got completely confused. maybe you can help me a bit, also if, it helps, my feet is 22.5cm long.

    Thanks a lot!!!

    • Angela Hawse
      Angela Hawse says:

      Daniela, these are true to size. I size up for very cold temps but find my normal shoe size of 38 is perfect for the SCARPA Phantom and all other SCARPA footwear. The only shoes I size up in are rock climbing shoes because I don’t like them to tight!

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