Rocking & rolling right into spring!

Monea climbing "Plan F" at our Chicks Rock! Red Rock spring clinic. Photo by Dawn Glanc.

Here on the Chicks Climbing Gossip Report you can catch up on all of the great gossip (articles, videos, and other assorted cool stuff) we talked about over the past week at Chicks Climbing. We had a GREAT time at our first Chicks Rock! event of the season at Red Rock Canyon. Check out the photos of the 10 amazing women that came out to climb with us here. Next up, the Indian Creek Alumnae Invitational! This clinic is for alumnae and includes three days of intensive crack climbing clinics April 27-30, with an optional multi-pitch day May 1. Sign up soon!

Last week Patagonia published a new trip report from Girly Guide (and Patagonia ambassador) Kitty Calhoun who went to Iceland this winter with Dawn Glanc (and their husbands) to put up some new lines. See how they accomplished 12 new lines in 7 days in her full report here.

Have you checked out “Chicks Chat” section of the website yet? There are a lot of new topics from the last week, along with continued discussions on others, and we’re psyched to see it taking off! See what else Chicks are talking about on our forums here and don’t be shy, we want to hear from you!

Don’t forget to check us out on Pinterest, where we are archiving many of the cool articles we link to. But be warned, it’s a total time suck! If you are on it too, hit us up with your link so we can follow all of our fellow climber Chicks! You can find us here:

Did we miss any cool stuff this week?  Let us know if you’ve got a link to some climbing-related goodies so we can share with everyone else!

– Wowza, 10 year old Brooke Raboutou sends a 14a in the Red! Strong chick! And the youngest female to ever do so!
New video of Will Gadd (@gilwad) & Tim Emmet climbing (very little) ice in the Alps this winter:
– Congrats to Sasha DiGiulian (@sashadigiulian) for her First Female Ascent of Crystal Bandit in Svarttjärn, Sweden! Photo by Jocke Rundyn:
– Great report from Sasha DiGiulian in Europe including a unique bouldering comp she took part in! “Life is Just So SWEDE!”
– Rafal Andronowski has some unfinished business in the form of a return to Curtain Call (beautiful looking line!):
– Women climbers and mountaineers: Has it always been a struggle? See this in the Guardian:
– Ever see a 22-month-old toddler red point a climbing wall? You’re about to…
– From the AAI (@AlpineInstitute) Climbing Blog: The Problem with Rappel Backups Off Modern Leg-Loops:
-Nice blog from Kelly Cordes fo help make rappels more efficient with a pretty basic setup: Rig, rap, repeat.
– Can Jams Be Too Good? Steph Davis investigates!
– Ever wonder what it looks like to climb the hardest climb in Indian Creek? Check out this sweet video and see for yourself:
– Great moderate route suggestions in Moab from Steph Davis (@highsteph) for that spring road trip:
– Laura Lingeman on Choir Boys at Hueco Tanks:
–  Some inspiration from Thomasina Pidgeon:
– Climbing goes Hollywood. Last week’s TNB from Rock & Ice:
– What it’s like to set up a gym for a climbing competition – fun & interesting insight from Katie (@themorningfresh):
– Great info on self-belay, protecting your rope. Check out video at bottom of the page:
–  New from Andrew Bisharat (@EveningSends): True Stories:  “The Taught Top Rope of Despair”

– The American Alpine Club has updated their lodging discounts pages with a sweet little map.
– Coming soon?  A gondola at Squamish???

Training & Nutrition
– Good advice from Steph Davis (@highsteph) on how to return to your sport after dealing with an injury:
– Wish you had this at home setup like Ana Marisa does to train?  (Or do you already have something like this?!)
– Physical training has a surprisingly large mental component. Katie (@katiebeth) talks about it in this post:

– What’s new for climbing shoes this spring? Amy @TheGearcaster shows us!
– Jeline of @ClimbOnSister has some Prana climbing clothes she’s reviewed: – some really cute stuff!
– Wow, more new for spring climbing clothes – these reviews courtesy of Erica (@Cragmama) who reviews Athleta’s newest offerings:
– Dear all climbers, wear your helmets. Thanks, your brain
– Marmot Athlete Tonya Clement reviews the Women’s Variant Jacket:
–  Do you resole your climbing shoes or buy a new pair each time you blow out the rubber?
– The sad thing is that this probably happened…

Trip Reports
– Looks like Splitter Choss (@splitterchoss) had a great trip in the desert! Here’s his TR:
– Sometimes taking the kids out climbing is a real adventure in and of itself! Here’s Haley’s (@climbrunliftmom) report: Climbing with Kiddos!
– First trip to Ouray to climb ice (gotta love the psych!):

– Lovely collection of trip reports in the form of Haiku’s collected and compiled by Chicks alumna Elizabeth (@eliz_rocks):
–  Three Lies I Had to Quit Telling Myself. New Post from Tali at Cupcake Mafia:
– The importance of road trips, another great post from Brendan at Semi-Rad:

Fun Stuff
– Got climbing in the brain?
– The Alpinist Alphabet!
– Spotting: you’re doing it wrong.

If you have a blog entry that you think would be of interest to the women of Chicks Climbing please let us know! We love getting contributed content from other women – anything from trip reports, nutrition and training tips, to videos. We want to share your resources with the community – much like we do with the Gossip Report and are more than happy to re-publish and share links on behalf of the women’s climbing community!

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