Chicks Alumna Interview: Rebecca Samet

We recently caught up with Rebecca Samet, an MD and mother of three.  She lives in Pismo Beach, CA and works in the Fresno Hospital ER.  She didn’t just get hooked on climbing, but got her kids into as well.  Her daughter Sarah has been to a number of Chicks clinics, and we are always so impressed with this mother/daughter team and their thirst for adventure.

Rebecca1Rebecca, tell us about you!

I live in Pismo Beach, CA, and my favorite fun activity is trail running, especially as a way to discover new places. Some of my favorites trails include the Ray Miller Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking the ocean and a new discovery; the Twain Hart Ditch Trail in California’s Gold Country. Before I started ice climbing I spent as much time snow boarding as I could. Now I love ice climbing but don’t get to do it enough. This winter I’m hoping to check out the Michigan Ice Festival and climb over a frozen Lake Superior.

What was your first clinic with Chicks?

My first Chicks Clinic was the Complete in 2013. I had never climbed at all before and it was amazing! It opened up a new world for me.

Why Chicks?

I tried Chicks because I wanted to ice climb; but I can’t explain why because I had never known anyone who did. Chicks seemed like a great way to learn and it was! It was an excellent immersion course for me.

Rebecca3How many clinics have you attended?

I’ve lost count of how many Chicks courses I’ve done; the Complete x 3, Red Rocks x 2, Devils Lake, Cody and most recently the Tetons. Wow – 8 courses!

How did you get your daughter into climbing?

I climb with my daughter because I had so much fun at my first Chicks courses that I hoped she would enjoy them too. (I think she has). We’ve had some truly unique experiences with excellent people. They would not have been possible without Chicks.

What’s next?

I’m always looking forward to the next trip. I’d like to try back country skiing or snowboarding, hopefully this year.