Prep For The Ski Season

Snow is coming - are you ready?

Snow is coming – are you ready?

Written by Karen Bockel

There is a winter storm warning in effect in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and the Eastern Sierra. El Nino is just about to visit you!  Chicks is psyched for the snow to fly, and we want you to be ready for the first powder day of the season.  Here a few things you can do ahead of time to be sure you’re first out the door when the snow is building up and the mountains are calling.

1) Give your skis some love. If you didn’t have storage wax on them over the summer, then clean your bases and give them a nice thick coat of wax to sink in for several days.  Get the burrs off the edges from the last spring, and check your bindings for settings, rust, and broken parts.  Or, take ‘em to the ski shop for a pre-season tune.

2) Have a look at your ski boots. Check the buckles, soles, and straps.  I often end up with a fairly worn liner at the end of a season, and might replace it for the next.  Sometimes, just re-heating a thermo-fit liner can improve the fit of your boots.

3) Take your skins out and pull them open to check them. Remove any debris from the glue, trim loose flaps, and re-glue with gold seal if you see dry patches.

4) Dust off your avi gear. Collect your shovel and probe and assemble them to check their functionality.  Get new batteries and install them in your beacon.  Go through a function check with your beacon.

5) Convert your backpack into backcountry ski mode. Pack your avi gear, goggles, an extra warm jacket, a pair of gloves, and a water bottle into your pack.  Add your ski repair kit, a couple hand warmers, and sunscreen.  Then set your pack in the mudroom, ready to go then snow starts to fly.

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Karen Bockel is an AMGA Certified Rock and Ski Guide and a new proud owner of Chicks.