Chicks Gear Review: Patagonia Baselayers

Written by: Kitty Calhoun

Chiling_II_(6253_m)_India_'15-83What to wear? Nowadays, there are so many choices for technical clothing, it is hard to decide.  Patagonia has recently introduced new fit, features and fabrics for the Baselayer Collection.  This Patagonia baselayer collection consists of a line of Thermal, Midweight, Lightweight, and Daily Wear in both Capilene and Merino. Feeling overwhelmed?  Let me help you.

All Patagonia baselayer Capilene is made of 30-100% recycled polyester – which is a mark of Patagonia’s commitment to sustainability. The Capilene pieces are warmer and more breathable than comparable Marino layers, with the Thermal Capilene being the warmest and most breathable of any baselayer in the line up.  The Midweight Capilene is the most versatile and has the greatest comfort range.  The lightweight is the fastest drying and best wicking baselayer.  The Daily Wear is the most stretchy and has a regular fit, as opposed to the other Capilene pieces, which have a slim fit.

All Patagonia baselayer Merino is sustainably sourced, and is slow-washed without chlorine and blended with Capilene for faster wicking, greater durability, and easier care. Although Merino may not rate quite as high as Capilene in certain categories, it is still a vey technical fabric and many people prefer the unique softness over anything else.

So what did I choose to wear when climbing on an expedition in India this fall? I wore Capilene.  But one of my partners, Jack Tackle, wore the new Merino Air hoody and was equally as happy.

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