A Love letter to my Patagonia Capilene Midweight Crew

Kitty Calhoun shows of her new retro-stripe Patagonia Capilene Midweight Crew

Function AND fashion. Kitty dressed for skiing in Patagonia’s retro stripe Midweight Capilene Crew. ©Kitty Calhoun Collection

Dear Patagonia Capilene Midweight Crew,

Who Says You Can’t Improve on Mother Nature?

I live in my baselayers, which means I live in you!

It doesn’t matter if I’m ice climbing, skiing or need a long-sleeve shirt for cool-weather-rock-climbing. Patagonia Midweight Crew, I wear you to the grocery store, to yoga and just lounging around the house.

I know that many people prefer Merino wool because it’s soft, warm-even-when-wet and naturally controls odor. I like Merino too, but I love Capilene and you, Patagonia Capiline Midweight Crew, are my number one choice.

Some people ask me why I choose Capilene over Merino when wool is all-natural and has an exceptional feel.

Capilene Midweight Crew, I choose you because you EXCEL!

You are the best at wicking moisture away from my body.

You dry the fastest.

You breathe the most efficiently.

(This is why Patagonia blends their Merino wool line with Capilene—to increase durability, wicking and drying time.)

Capilene Midweight Crew, I choose you and I love you even more for your special “techy” features.

Your odor control is permanent—stopping the growth of smelly bacteria dead in its tracks.

Your smooth face makes layering comfortable–you don’t bind and bunch.

On the inside, your brushed-back-grid helps wick moisture away from my body even better. It also increases your warmth without adding weight.

And, to top it off, Patagoinia Capilene Midweight Crew, I’m crazy about your new Retro-Stripe color option.

Thank you Capilene Midweight Crew for keeping me comfortable, warm, dry and also very fashionable!