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Pushing Training – Training Tips for Chicks

It’s no secret that climbing requires well-developed pulling strength.  It’s also no secret that climbers love to train and love to train their pulling muscles. However, to stay in balance, climbers also need to train their pushing muscles. In fact, climbers may need to train their pushing muscles as much, or possibly more, than their […]


How To Get Stronger Without Getting Bigger | Training Tips for Chicks

Do you wonder how to get stronger without getting bigger? Or, how does one gain strength without gaining mass? Body-weight movements and external object control are the best tools to help you reach your strength goals. Gaining muscle mass is called muscle hypertrophy. And, mountain athletes, like climbers and skiers, need muscles to get themselves […]


Chicks Training: More Tips for Bombproof Shoulders

Whatever your goals, shoulder stability is paramount. I cannot stress the benefit of shoulder strength and stability enough. I’ve emphasized this in the past in Training Tip: Solid Shoulders. For newcomers to Chicks Training Tips, it’s worth looking back through ALL my past posts to get a fuller picture of the progression of my training […]


Climbing Training Program | Take Your Climbing to the Next Level

It’s time to rock! Get on the climbing training program. One of our most commonly asked questions is “How do I take my climbing to the next level?” This is especially true for intermediate to advanced climbers. It’s common for intermediate to advanced climbers to feel stuck and unable to make progress. Here’s the straight […]


Training for Mountaineering | Back to Basics

When training for mountaineering (backcountry skiing, climbing: gym climbing, rock climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing), the most important lesson I’ve learned over the years is to always go back to the basics. Although I played many sports when I was young, it was not until I was 18 that I started to train in a structured […]


It’s All In the Glutes | Training Tip for Mountaineers

It’s All In the Glutes This training tip takes us back to basic glute function. All mountaineering-related activities, whether climbing or skiing, require strong and active glute muscles. Why do so many of my athletes have issues with glute activation or function? In today’s culture, most of us spend too much time sitting. From the time […]


Training Corner: Alpine Strength

Training Corner: Alpine Strength by Carolyn Parker If you are new to the Chicks Training Tips take a few minutes to read the previous newsletters, there’s a lot of great information in there! We are in the thick of alpine climbing season in the US, Europe, and parts of South America. If you have a […]


Advanced Workout for Ski Training

Winter is officially here December 21st!  The pacific northwest and the Alps have been hogging all the snow and honestly, I’m a little jealous here in Colorado where it’s dry and sunny…although that hasn’t hurt my extended rock climbing season. But enough of that – the snow will fly, it always does, and when it […]


Chicks Training Tip: Advanced Rock Climbing Training

Chicks its rock climbing season! I am so ready for tank tops and basking in the sun. Whether or not you are a weekend warrior who hits the rock gym during the week or someone who has a lifestyle that supports multiple days of climbing each week. We all need to strength train to improve our […]