Chicks Gear Review: Marmot ROM Jacket

Written by: Karen Bockel

Wow! I have a day off, and while I am sitting on my couch, I mean in my office, catching up on computer work I noticed that today was the first day that I haven’t worn my ROM Marmot Jacket.  I got my official Chicks Marmot jacket on the first day of our Sampler Clinic in the middle on January, then took it straight to an avalanche course and on to Hokkaido, Japan for the Chicks In Deep powder skiing trip.  ROM has been my second skin every day, whether on the ice or in the snow.

Marmot ROM JacketThe Windstopper material is great for keeping wind and weather out while ice climbing. I tend to get cold when I am out in the Ouray Ice Park teaching all day, so when I ordered the Marmot ROM, I asked for size L, even though I am only 5’7” tall.  I love that I can wear a fleece hoody underneath the ROM, and that it stays tucked into my harness.  It’s strechy, so it allows me to swing my tools without restriction.  The leaves are long enough to cover the cuffs of my gloves.  The hood fits over my helmet, great for when it’s windy or snowy.

When I took the ROM to Japan last week, it performed exceptionally well on the trail. We earned our turns there, spending a lot of our days on the up trail.  I loved the water-resistant yet breathable protection of the ROM in the moist (and often snowy) air of Hokkaido.  At the top of a climb, I would add my Marmot Puffy on top and be good to go for the down.  I like simple systems that function in a variety of conditions.  For me, the Marmot ROM exemplifies function and comfort.  Oh, and did I mention the color?  Red and red go well with my complexion!!

Just in case you’re wondering, I did take the ROM off to sleep at night.

Written by Karen Bockel, Chicks Co-Owner and Guide, and Head of the Powder Research Department (actually, Chicks Guide Angela Hawse might be vying for that title, too. That’s ok, I keep good company 🙂