Making a book purchase? Support the AAC in the process!

The American Alpine Club is a group Chicks Climbing supports as a community of climbers – from boulderers to alpinists – who support the climbing way of life, work to protect climbing locales and their environments, and watch out for one another.
Right now, the AAC has a promotion going on right now with Barnes and Noble that is benefiting the AAC library and museum (the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum) through every purchase you make when you use this code: 10135614 at the checkout!
This promotion is happening online now through May 28! So when making a purchase of ANY book you will see a prompt on the payment page “Is this a Book fair order?” Click on it and enter the book fair ID number 10135614 for Barnes and Noble to donate 10% of the purchase price to the AAC library and museum.

As an added incentive, the AAC is giving away a North Face Spire 40 climbing day pack for those who support the promotion!

To enter you need to forward your online receipt by May 28th to with “I got beta!” in the subject line to be entered in the drawing to win!

So, if you plan on making any book purchases within the next few days, please do so through Barnes and Noble so that you can support this great organization and especially its resources for climbers through the AAC library and museum.

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