Lindsay Fixmer is the Director of Chicks.

An ice climbing guru, Lindsay has she traveled the world in search of inspiring lines to tick on her personal climbing list. She has guided people to the fjords of Iceland and the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains, including her backyard of Hyalite Canyon.

To quote Kristoph from Frozen, Lindsay says, “Ice is my life!”

After receiving her BA in American Studies at the University of Minnesota, Lindsay spent several years working as a youth climbing coach and climbing gym manager in California. Her love for technique translates to a partnership that brings new, experienced, and expert climbers alike to their peak level of performance. “My guiding philosophy,” she says,” is to share knowledge and inspire those I work with.”

What sets Lindsay apart is her patience and demeanor when it comes to introducing clients to various types of terrain. From rock to ice to alpine, Lindsay loves recreating and working in technical terrain.

When she’s not guiding, you can find Lindsay sipping a high-quality americano in Bozeman (where she spends her winters) or climbing amazing granite peaks in the Sierras (where she spends spring-fall), playing her guitar and singing at local cafes, advocating for outdoor recreation policy at events like Climb The Hill, or enjoying a long solo hike in the mountains.

Lindsay’s Certifications include:

  • AMGA Certified Rock Guide
  • AMGA Certified Alpine Guide
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • LNT Trainer
  • AIARE Pro II