Lindsay Fixmar

Lindsay Fixmer guiding Chicks Iceland

Lindsay Fixmer is the lead guide for our Ouray, Colorado | Ice Climbing Clinics.

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“The day I stop learning is the day I stop guiding.” –Tom Hargis, guiding mentor.

Linsday Fixmer is an ice climbing guru. Not only has she traveled the world in search of inspiring lines to tick on her personal climbing list, she’s also guided people to the fjords of Iceland, the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains and North Cascades, and to the daunting and inspiring valleys of Alaska. To quote Kristoph from Frozen, Lindsay says, “Ice is my life!”

After receiving her BA in American Studies at the University of Minnesota, Lindsay spent seven years working as a youth climbing coach and climbing gym manager in California. Her love for technique translates to a partnership that brings new, experienced, and expert climbers alike to their peak level of performance. “My guiding philosophy,” she says,” is to share knowledge and inspire those I work with.”

What sets Lindsay apart is her patience and demeanor when it comes to introducing clients to various types of terrain. “The best days guiding,” she shared in an AMGA guide video, “is when the client is just psyched and whatever their objective or goal is met, and not only met, but exceeded.”

She also loves encouraging climbers when they doubt whether or not they can reach their objective. During a Chicks clinic to Iceland, one of the participants wondered aloud if she was capable of following the multi-pitch. At that moment Lindsay realized her importance as a guide. “We weren’t just ice climbing,” she says, “We were way out there: making decisions in new terrain with limited beta, doing possible first ascents. And we were showing women that women need to push themselves and each other.”

That’s why Lindsay loves guiding women’s trips: to allow a woman to struggle on her own and then to see her succeed. This love of seeing women reach and then push beyond their presumptive potential is the same love Lindsay brings to her own mountain objectives. “The climbs that stick with me the most,” she says, “are slightly improbable, steep lines where I stand at the bottom and say, ‘I think this will go.’ And the quest begins.”

In 2017, Lindsay joined Anna Pfaff and Savannah Cummins on an expedition to the Raru Valley in the Himalaya. Despite terrible weather windows (roughly five days of climbing and 19 with snow, hail, rain, and wind) the trio attempted three spires and summited one, Peak 5400, which they named “The Gem.” 

Aside from major expeditions, Lindsay enjoys climbing in Bozeman, Iceland, Alberta, and Newfoundland the most. In each area, she’s found aesthetic lines that challenge her mentally and physically. “Certainly the most amazing, aesthetic and engaging ice climb I’ve ever been on,” she says, “was a wind-sculpted ice climb in Newfoundland. Finding the line thru the parachutes and mushroom cups kept me on my toes. And it was just absolutely stunning!”

When she’s not guiding, you can find Lindsay sipping a high-quality Americano in Bozeman (where she spends her winters) or the Sierras (where she spends spring-fall), playing her guitar and singing at local cafes, advocating for outdoor recreation policy at events like Climb The Hill, or enjoying a long solo hike in the mountains.

Lindsay’s Certifications include:

  • AMGA Certified Rock Guide
  • AMGA Certified Alpine Guide