Last few days to cash in on our holiday special!

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

Or, are you resolving to try something fun and new in 2011?

(Guys, did you mess it up and need to make it up?)

Well, we can help you save money if climbing is the name of the game with our special holiday package that will help you save big bucks when signing up for a Chicks with Picks and Chicks Rock! clinic before Jan. 1.

Holiday Packages: Great for the gals who want it all – Rock & Ice!

If you sign up for both a 2011 Chicks with Picks AND a Chicks Rock! clinic before January 1st, you get a discount on BOTH clinics:

  • – 4-day clinics, you get $100 off ice or rock
  • – 3-day clinics, you get $75 off ice or rock
  • – 2-day clinics, you get $50 off ice or rock

For example, Suzie signed up for the 4-day Chicks Complete and the 2-day Chicks Rock! Girly Gathering in 2011. Taking advantage of the holiday package deal means Suzie will get a $100 discount for the Complete and a $50 discount for the Girly Gathering!

If you are already signed up for any 2011 Chicks with Picks ice clinic, just sign up for Chicks Rock! and you get the package. It’s easy – just combine any of our two winter & summer programs.

As a head’s up, here is the enrollment status of our upcoming Chicks with Picks clinics:

Thinking about it? Tell us! We can answer your questions and get you the info. you need. So e-mail us at or call (970) 626-4424.

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