Keep the Public in Public Lands


The Department of Interior has been ordered to examine the Antiquities Act and national monuments designated over the last 21 years. This includes a review of the recent designation of Bears Ears National Monument (Indian Creek and much of Southeast Utah) as the first priority, within the first 45 days of this 120-day order. There are 27 National Monuments that are being threatened. The official public comment period ends on July 10. We ask for your help and it will take only a few minutes of your time.

If you enjoy spending time and climbing in these beautiful like Bears Ears National Monument and other places like we do; please take a few moments to submit your comments on the subject so they become a part of the public record. Some talking points are:

  • National Monuments under review have proven economic benefits to the local communities through travel, tourism and outdoor recreation.
  • They provided much needed jobs in these communities, 7.6 million jobs to be exact and a thriving $885 billion dollar outdoor recreation industry.
  • Revisions of current monuments are a direct threat to the local communities whose economies who were built and rely upon their current status.

Part of Chicks mission is to advocate the protection of our climbing areas which is why we support organization like the Access Fund and the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. We strongly believe that beautiful places are given protection they deserve and keep access open to all for generations to come.

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