Jill’s Chicks experience gives her a push outside her comfort zone, making the world a little bigger place

Chicks alumna Jill Mattoon was talked into going ice climbing for the first time by her friend Nancie, a fellow member of the Colorado Mountain Club. Jill signed up for a beginner course in Chicks With Picks and  describes her first experience on the ice, and how it has in turn inspired her daughter:

[I had] Never considered ice climbing, and in fact it was the family joke after I started climbing 14ers fairly late in life that someday I would be ice climbing in Ouray!  It was so much fun to tell the family that, no, really seriously, I was going to go ice climbing in Ouray!!!  They were horrified but not surprised.

The thing I liked best about it was that it was easier than it looked when you learned the right technique.  Just like everything, I guess.  I found it to be easier than rock climbing because, at 5 ft. 2 inches tall, it is hard to find footholds and fingerholds I can reach, but with the ice picks and crampons, I can make my own that are within reach.  It was a real stretch outside of my comfort zone of hiking, cross-country skiing, and non-roped mountain climbing.  It was a thrill to be able to do something so new and different.  Every time I do something I didn’t think I could do, the possibilities get a little bigger, and the world gets a little bigger.

I enjoyed it a lot, and after my daughter saw the photos, she decided she would try it too.  So now the two of us are coming back this year, and I’m excited to introduce her to some real outdoor adventure.  She has been watching me do all this crazy stuff over the years, and I hope that she gets bit by the bug.

We hope she does too! We’re looking forward to you and Lindsey joining us next month in Ouray!