Isolation Photos and Stories – What Are You Doing?

Karen Bockel Isolation photo of slackening in backyard

Karen Bockel, Co-Owner Chicks Climbing and Skiing, isolation photo – slacklining under strict confinement in Chamonix, France. ©Karen Bockel Collection.

Do you have isolation photos and stories?

We’re living in crazy, unprecedented times: told not to climb or backcountry ski, not do anything risky, to take precaution to a whole new level, to stay home while businesses shutter their doors for the unforeseeable future. 

For most of us spring is a season when we’d otherwise be shooting down couloirs in prime conditions or scurrying to the desert as winter turns to summer.

Instead, we’ve canceled or rescheduled our plans with a big, fat TBD.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, especially for those who find respite, calm and mental stillness in our planet’s most wild places.

At Chicks, we’re taking moments to slow down and virtually connect.

Like Angela said in her recent What Inspires You Now? post, “As we self-isolate and social distance from each other, I’m reminded how Chicks serves as a foundation of treasured relationships and shared experiences.”

We’d love to know what you’re doing in this strange time. What are your self-isolation, quarantine and social distancing stories? We’d love to see photos. Are you training? Any good books or games? How do you feel?

To be honest, we’re feeling pretty low. We’re missing connection.

Can we share your photos and stories with our community on Instagram, Facebook and our website?

We’re all in this together. Even though we’re apart, it’s important to know that we’re not alone. And, when all of this is over we’ll be stronger and more psyched than ever.

Please email us at with isolation photos and post stories for us here!

A huge Thank You in advance from all of us here at Chicks.

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  1. Carol Smucker
    Carol Smucker says:

    My husband and I are hanging out at our lake cabin in the Idaho panhandle. We are reading, doing crossword and jigsaw puzzles, cooking, and taking long walks daily. I do pilates online. We are well but missing outdoor sports (I only got to use my spring fling pass at Schweitzer once before they closed!) I am especially missing springtime in the southwest, where I had a great lineup of partners to climb with. Here are a few pictures… the view ain’t bad! We are really pretty well off.
    Isolation Rainbow
    Carol Smucker doing an Isolation Workout

  2. Sarah Gordon
    Sarah Gordon says:

    I finally got around to building a home gym!

    A home gym was something I had thought about doing for awhile but never wanted to put in the work until we were stuck. Here’s a few pics of the mostly finished wall. We’re still kind of figuring out how we want to set the routes, and are waiting on some cheap mattresses to come in for more flooring.

    Building a home climbing gym

    Sarah Gordon's home climbing gym

  3. Haden Bricker
    Haden Bricker says:

    Hey Chicks,

    I’m with ya’ll, pretty low. I’ve mostly been spending my time brewing and baking to keep occupied (pics below), but I’m in a rough spot. I got my dream job a few months ago only to discover it wasn’t the dream situation and so I’ve been job hunting as much as I can in the current situation but I dread going back to what I have so I’ve been battling feeling guilty on top of it all. (If yall are hiring anyone in the Bay Area – I’m interested! 😉)

    Usually I climb to relieve stress and this past year has been hard but now that’s not an option. I moved this year to a new state, still dont know many people and miss my family a bunch, we call but it’s not the same.

    I really appreciate the email yall sent out and hope everyone is finding ways to stay sane.

    Take care!
    I’m on the Chicks email list but I still have yet to be able to go to any of the courses unfortunately. I was thinking I may treat myself to one once this is all over. I brew beer and mead but have also been making a ton of coffee too;) Last night my partner and I even built ourselves a blanket fort to watch Rocket Power and have Dino nugs for dinner…. honestly the best part of being home so far.
    Haden's roasted coffee
    Brewing Beer
    Coffee and Brownie during isolation

  4. Lisa Loper
    Lisa Loper says:


    Here in the Seattle area a group of us Mountaineers have been doing ‘City Scrambles’ in a socially distanced way. The rules are simple. You have to start from your doorstep and only hike with other people in your household (your lock down buddies). You need to follow current ‘covid rules’ of your area and keep 6 feet from others. You cannot go on closed trails.

    For my birthday recently, I challenged my friends to do a socially-distanced 10K, 20K, 40K, or beyond K STEPS. And I asked them to post a trip report online for everyone to enjoy. The only other rule was that everyone had to enjoy a birthday treat of some kind.

    I was thrilled with the response! Easily 20 people submitted trip reports that were HILARIOUS––pretending their neighbourhood streets were dangerous or snowy mountains (think Monty Python). Some people just sent in photos of their walk or bike ride and the treat they ate. Two people used Strava to make a track that spelled Happy Birthday!

    I think my socially distanced, birthday step-challenge filled a need in a lot of people to have a purpose. Sure you can go for a neighbourhood walk. But, making it into a trip with a summit treat and a trip report brought us all together for a common purpose. I felt really good that I put out the challenge as I felt like it helped my community.

    Although the idea came from a friend that had made a 50K challenge the weekend before, I think by making the challenge whatever people wanted to do, helped people feel like they could participate without judgment of whether their trip was big enough.

    Since then my friend came up with another idea: find and climb all the high points of your city/neighbourhood. Highpoints are listed in our area on Peak Bagger.

    A THIRD idea is to do a trip where your track makes a pattern––a written message, a bird, etc.

    We are having so much fun with this. It’s been a great way to stay connected.

    Lisa Loper
    Redmond, Washington


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