Isafjordur Iceland Travel Information and Logistics


You will need to book 2 separate flights. The first one to the Keflavik International Airport (KEF). The second is a domestic flight from the Reykjavik Domestic Airport (RKV) to the town of Bildudalur. As a reminder, flights, baggage fees and travel insurance are not included in the cost of the program.

This International Airport (KEF) is at the end of a peninsula that is located about one hour from downtown Reykjavik. Once you arrive at KEF you will need to take the Flybus or a taxi to the Reykjavik Domestic Airport (RKV). The Flybus departs KEF 45 minutes after the arrival of the incoming flights and costs around $20.00 USD. The Flybus is much cheaper and takes about 1 hour to travel between the two airports. You can book your bus ticket ahead of time at

If flight connection times are close, we suggest taking the taxi to the domestic airport. You will need about $130 USD for the taxi ride (cash and credit cards accepted).  The Reykjavik Domestic Airport is very small and it’s easy to manage baggage and security.

Iceland Air flies direct to Keflavik International Airport in Iceland from Denver, Boston, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Washington DC, and many more. Iceland Air: Cheap flights to Europe & Iceland.

Eagle Air offers a daily flight from Reykjavik (RKV) to Bildudalur in the winter. See their website to book a flight and to see baggage allowance policies.


Travel Insurance is mandatory for all of our International trips and it is NOT included in your registration fee. We suggest you purchase full coverage for all of your travel expenses, ground transportation and course fees. IMGlobal and Travelex Insurance


Once you arrive in Bildudalur, Chicks will pick you up at the airport on Friday, February 17. We will provide ground transportation while you are in Bildudalur. Most amenities are within walking distance to the guesthouse.


Most Icelandic people speak English. It is very easy to communicate.


The Icelandic Kronor is the currency in Iceland. You can get cash from the Isafjordur ATM or at the International Airport. Mastercard and Visa are also widely accepted throughout town. As of Feb 2016, the exchange rate was $1 = 125 Kronor.


Chicks will make your lodging reservation at the guesthouse at the Guesthouse in the middle of Bildudalur. The guesthouse is a cozy hostel located just minutes from local amenities. There is no wifi at the guesthouse, but there are many local cafes where you can get online for free that are located within walking distance.

You will be sharing a room with others (up to 4 people per room in bunkbeds) and there are 2 shared bathrooms. There is also a common area and kitchen for us to share which has a refrigerator, a 2 burner stove, microwave and coffeemaker. Please be sure to bring a light sleeping bag and a pillow as only sheets and towels are provided. There is the chance there may be other guests also staying at the Guesthouse.

If you plan to stay any additional nights or would like to upgrade to a private room, additional charges may apply. Please let us know if this is your preference.


Chicks will provide breakfast and dinner during the program.  You are responsible for your own lunches and snacks each day. Breakfast is typically granola/cereal, fresh fruit, bread, hard boiled eggs and coffee. Dinners are catered by a local cafe and are typically a hearty stew and a dessert.

Please notify us of any food allergies well in advance. We can accommodate food allergies, but general dietary preferences can be more difficult to manage in foreign countries. That said, if you have a strict diet or strong dietary preferences, plan accordingly and bring along your own supplementary foods/protein shakes etc…

A small grocery store is located within walking distance of the guest house. The store is well stocked and you should be able to find most of the staples that you would find at home. Food costs are comparable to what you will find in the United States, but packaging sizes are smaller.

Please remember to bring a few reusable grocery bags. There is a charge for bags and it is easier to carry the groceries home in a reusable sack.


Chicks can provide you with gear if needed. Please contact us prior to the trip to make arrangements for gear demos. There are no gear shops in Bildudalur to pick up last minute items. Please plan ahead and get what you need from the United States prior to your trip.


There is little to no published information about the climbing in and around the Western Fjords of Iceland. We will be climbing each day within an 1-2 hours drive from Bildudalur. The climbing areas are remote and we may possibly cover new terrain. Once you leave the car, you can expect to hike/post-hole through wind-blown snow, for 1 to 3 hours to the base of the ice climbs. Average elevation gains of 500-2000. It will be an adventure of a lifetime!