Chicks with Picks provides demo gear from our sponsors for those of you who DO NOT have your own ice climbing equipment. They provide a limited amount the following: ice axes, crampons, backpacks, soft wear, under layers, gloves, helmets and harnesses. Once we outfit the women who don’t own their own gear, those of you who do you are welcome to try the equipment provided.

* Please let us know what you DO NOT have when you fill out your registration form.

Review the list and definitely plan to bring what you DO have.

At the top you will see the daily packing list we will provide at Chicks. Below that is the complete list of suggested clothing type and quantities – please feel free to add things that you are used to wearing! This packing list is intended as a guideline, feel free to email or call with questions.

___ Backpack = big enough to carry the following plus ropes and other group gear. We have demos for you to borrow.
___ Down Coat/Synthetic puffy coat
___ Climbing jacket (soft shell or Gor-Tex)
___ Fleece jacket or other warm under layers
___ Two-three pairs of climbing gloves – lightweight/waterproof
___ Light liner gloves
___ Leather palm belay or work gloves (inexpensive at the hardware store)
___ Warm hat that fits under a helmet
___ Neck gaiter or a Buff
___ Water bottle x 2/both may be a thermos for hot tea
___ Favorite Snacks (you will find bars & GUs in the welcome bag)
___ Sunglasses, sunscreen, lip stuff
___ Hand warmers/Toe warmers
___ Camera
___ If you plan to bring toilet paper, please have a small ziplock to pack out trash and feminine products

___ Boots
___ Crampons
___ Ice axes
___ Helmet
___ Harness
___ ATC Belay device with locking carabiner
___ Locking carabiner
___ Bring the Cordelette in your welcome packet by Sterling Rope
___ 48″ nylon sling


Here is our complete suggested packing list as you get ready to come out to Chicks. Layering is the key to staying warm while ice climbing – cotton is not acceptable. Synthetic fabrics or wool for base layers is acceptable

Top Layers

•   Down coat
•   1 water resistant or Goretex Shell or Jacket
•   1 synthetic insulating jacket/pullover
•   Mid-weight or Expedition-weight synthetic top
•   Light-weight synthetic top (this is your first layer)
•   Optional: a Primaloft vest as an extra layer if you have one

Bottom Layers
•   Water resistant or Goretex pants (side zips are best but not mandatory)
•   Mid- to heavyweight pair of synthetic bottoms (pile pants if you tend to get cold)
•   Light-weight synthetic long underwear (you may be layering these bottom layers according to how cold it is during the clinic, we just want you to be prepared with various options)

•  Boots – crampon compatible.  If you own ice climbing boots, bring them or borrow them. Otherwise there will be boots you can demo (we cannot guarantee a perfect fit)
•  Snow gaiters for your boots (to keep the snow out)
•  2 – 4 pairs of heavy wool socks (or as many as you want)
•  2 – 4 synthetic liner socks (or as many as you want)

•   1 climbing helmet (MANDATORY for ice climbing)
•   1 heavy wool or synthetic hat (make sure it fits under your helmet)
•   1 lightweight hat or headband
•   1 neck gaiter

•   2 pairs shell gloves or mittens (it’s best if the inside liner can be removed to dry at night!)
•   2 pairs of mid-weight to expedition weight liners (these can often fit inside your gloves or mittens. Then you can manipulate things without bare hands!)

We will have a limited amount of ice axes and crampons for you to try. If you have this gear definitely bring it, if you don’t have it, let me know and we’ll make sure you can demo that gear!
•   2 ice axes
•   1 pair of crampons
•   1 climbing harness
•   1 locking carabiner
•   1 belay device

ONLY for those signed up for the Skills Day Rescue Clinic during The Complete Chicks:
*  One 18 foot  6mm or 7mm cord for making a cordelette

•  Large backpack – at least 35 – 45 liters.  You must be able to carry extra clothing, food, water, ice axes, crampons and a rope
•  Two water bottles (insulated if you want to bring hot beverages)
•  Your favorite snacks – we provide energy bars and lunch
•  Sunglasses
•  Sunscreen
•  SPF lip balm
•  Bathing suit/towel (The Victorian Inn has a hot tub)