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Here on the Chicks Climbing Gossip Report you can catch up on all of the great gossip (articles, videos, and other assorted cool stuff) we talked about over the past week at Chicks Climbing.

Have you heard about the Chicks HOLIDAY SPECIALS on all of our 2012 Chicks with Picks clinics yet?!?!?! If you want to come out and join us in Ouray in 2012 then find out how to save big by signing up in December! Check out all the details here.

This “Chicks sighting”/trip report is an example of our alumnae going from learning to tie into a rope to becoming self-sufficient climbers taking trips to the Dolomites! Read about Cheryl Wallace & Kate Higgins’ trip to the beautiful mountains of Italy here.

We also posted a blog this week from The Head Chick as she tries to capture with words many of the “intangibles” our Chicks take home after a clinic. Read what some of our alumnae have to say here at the Chicks blog.

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All of the other articles we linked to this past week through either the Chicks Climbing Twitter account, or on the Chicks Climbing Facebook fan page (and some on both!). We provide this wrap-up because we come across a TON of great resources each week, but understand that not everyone is online all the time, or even on both (or either) of these social media platforms. So you can check here each and every week for the latest and greatest in Chicks Climbing resources.

However, we know WE may have also missed some cool stuff this week, so if there is something of interest we missed that you came across this week please, let us know so we can share with everyone else!

– Is Ouray home to America’s hardest mixed climbing area?
– If you haven’t seen this awesome video of Sasha DiGiulian’s (@sashadigiulian) send of “Pure Imagination” take a few to watch it now:
– The Sue Nott scholarship for the Michigan Ice Fest is still available for girls 9-17 who want to learn to ice climb:
– GREAT interview with climbing legend Jeff Lowe is up at The GearCaster (@TheGearcaster):
– Vertical Girl athlete Tara Reynvaan kills ‘Kings of Rap’ 5.12d at Smith Rock! Sick!
– Wise words on taking a rest period from climbing to stave off injury from Erica (@cragmama):
– Good read from Climbing Magazine (@ClimbingMag) which interviewed Yosemite’s SAR staff on some big-wall accidents from the past 10 years:
– Great lesson on the different “quick” belay techniques from AAI (@AlpineInstitute):
– New interview with Girly Guide Caroline George on Ice Climbing:
– Fun interview with Will Gadd – see what he’s been up to (including dry tooling as a stunt double for a new Jason Bourne flick!)
– Kelly Cordes talks about the magic of Hyalite Canyon ice climbing:
– Anyone can climb. Be inspired.
– Has increasing access to technology in remote locations affected your climbing experience?
– Great video of Mt. Gretna bouldering!
– Awesome holiday gift guide for climbers courtesy of Splitter Choss (@splitterchoss):
– Looking for a gift? How about giving the Gift of Membership to The American Alpine Club to your favorite climber?

– The Head Chick gets some press at the Bozeman Ice Fest this past weekend!
Climbing legend Lynn Hill post new Facebook page

– The Lowdown on Down: An update from Patagonia on its down sourcing:
– The Columbia (@Columbia1938) Cliff Grabber Glove was a win for Katie Levy (@k8tlevy) – check it out:
– Why a windshirt rocks:

– You have to be willing to not be graceful doing something to one day become graceful.
– A great reminder from Tali (@cupcakemafia) in her latest blog titled “It Could Be You”:
– Friday Five – Inspiration from Splitter Choss:
– Jenn Fields’ most recent “Field Notes” is about one Marmot (@marmotpro) climber’s adventures in philanthropy:
– Here’s a picture of Colette McInerney, Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Shot by Keith Ladzinski

Trip Reports
– Trip report from Jeline (@ClimbOnSister) who made her way to Hueco Tanks for some bouldering:

Fun Stuff
– Check out Steph Davis’ (@highsteph) rad dog Cajun – she’s a little canine climbing machine!
– Brendan (@semi_rad) wants to know if it is OK if I call you Dude?
– Funny! “The cat often does a much better job filing my picks than I do!”

If you have a blog entry that you think would be of interest to the women of Chicks Climbing please let us know! We love getting contributed content from other women – anything from trip reports, nutrition and training tips, to videos. We want to share your resources with the community – much like we do with the Gossip Report and are more than happy to re-publish and share links on behalf of the women’s climbing community!

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