Here’s to 2011 and a welcome to winter in the Chicks Gossip Report!

Here on the Chicks Climbing Gossip Report you can catch up on all of the great gossip (articles, videos, and other assorted cool stuff) we talked about over the past week at Chicks Climbing! Last week we wrapped up our “Girly Guns” contest, sponsored by Marmot. The winner of the Marmot 4P Hideaway Tent, a Sidecountry 20 Pack, and the women’s Angel Fire Sleeping Bag was Elizabeth for her submission “Eliz Rocks her first climbing comp!” Check out the winning photo here! Thanks to the dozens of you that submitted photos into the contest, and the hundreds of folks you rallied for votes! Overall we were very happy with the contest, but if you have feedback you think we should hear on how the contest was run, by all means please tell us so we can make the next one better!

Girly Guide Margo Talbot did a review of the Black Diamond Cobra ice tools for us at Chicks – check out her video review to see why she said the Cobras are “The ultimate pure ice climbing tool on the market” (and get a chance to demo them yourself at a Chicks with Picks clinic!)

We also had a special guest blog from Almine Barton, a licensed acupuncturist, certified personal trainer, and avid rock climber on her training recovery kit “power” players. Check out the different products she recommends to keep you getting after it with minimal downtime here on our blog. And those of you heading out for The Sampler and The Graduate will get a chance to meet her in just a few weeks!

All of the other articles we linked to this past week through either the Chicks Climbing Twitter account, or on the Chicks Climbing Facebook fan page (and some on both!).

We provide this wrap-up because we come across a TON of great resources each week, but understand that not everyone is online all the time, or even on both (or either) of these social media platforms. So you can check here each and every week for the latest and greatest in Chicks Climbing resources here on the blog.

However, we know WE may have also missed some cool stuff this week, so if there is something of interest we missed that you came across this week please, let us know so we can share with everyone else!

– Awesome video posted by Ouray Ice Park of Dawn Glanc, one of our Chicks with Picks guides working on some AMAZING drytooling on an M8 route in the Skylight area. How lucky are the chicks that benefit from her instruction?!
– Some excellent New Year’s ice climbing and training tips from Will Gadd:
– Great ice climbing tips from Raphael Slawinski:
– Some good advice from @highsteph on climbing inside, climbing outside, and climbing with significant others
– Good info on a very useful knot, the Euro Death Knot, from the AAI (@alpineinstitute)
– There’s damn good and damn bad climbing. This video of Dam Climbing in Switzerland is damn inspirational (from @climbmom)
– Some of our Girly Guides will be competing in the Ouray Ice Fest later this week!
– Need help finding a climbing partner in Ouray? Check out the Ouray Ice Park Facebook page in “discussions” for help!

This week’s Alpine Institute (@alpineinstitute) wrap up of this week’s climbing and outdoor news

– Cool overlay graphic for gear junkies: Where the Petzl Nomics and Quarks meet on

Training and Nutrition
– It can be THE hardest things to do: A lesson in rest and recovery from Alli Rainey (@allirainey
– A great article from @rockandice on climbers elbow
– Yummy recipe for Chai Granola from Tali (@cupcakemafia)

Fun Stuff
– Great interview with Sara (@theclimbergirl) on @spadout – see how she got in the #OIBIZ and how she literally has fun for a living!

– Elizabeth (@eliz_rocks) sets some climbing goals that has 2011 looking pretty rad!
– Whitney (@VVhitneyO) gave us a SUPER NICE shout out in her blog reflecting on her year, which sounded like an awesome one!
– A lovely post from Krysia (@ventrsomekrysia) as she reflects on her year including her discovery of an “absolute love affair with climbing”
– Benefit from Tali’s (@cupcakemafia) introspection in her blog post reflecting on 2010 and asking what your theme is for 2011?

If you have a blog entry that you think would be of interest to the women of Chicks Climbing please let us know! We love getting contributed content from other women – anything from trip reports, nutrition and training tips, to videos. We want to share your resources with the community – much like we do with the Gossip Report and are more than happy to re-publish and share links on behalf of the women’s climbing community! (Thank you Almine for hooking us up with some of your blog posts!)

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