Hello, Monday, let’s get to the good stuff!

Here on the Chicks Climbing Gossip Report you can catch up on all of the great gossip (articles, videos, and other assorted cool stuff) we talked about over the past week at Chicks Climbing.

We have some breaking news to report! We’ve set the dates for our fall Red Rock Chicks Rock! clinic, which will be Oct. 18-21 with an optional multi-pitch day Oct. 22. Check out all the details here and sign up early!

Speaking of clinics, next up for us is a three-day intensive clinic in Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin. This July 27-30 clinic has some discounts available to ladies that sign up in May – either on your own or with a buddy. Check out all the discount details here and don’t delay in signing up and taking advantage of these special deals!

Last week we got access to *hundreds* of photos Chick Kelsey McMaster shot at our Chicks Rock! clinic in Indian Creek. To check out all the fun we had go to our Facebook page and look at “Photos and Videos of Chicks Climbing”: http://www.facebook.com/chicksclimbingrockandice/photos to see all of the shots we were tagged in!

Last week on the blog we posted about the upcoming HERA Climb4Life that is taking place in Colorado June 22-23 and includes climbing, hiking & yoga. Check out the details on this great event here.

We also caught up with Lauren, the Climbing Chef, who wrote about one of the most perfect days she’s had climbing. Great inspiration for your Monday morning – check it out here.

Have you checked out “Chicks Chat” section of the website yet? We are trying to help a gal locate some inspiring stories of Yosemite icon Beverly Johnson. Can you help here?

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Did we miss any cool stuff this week?  Let us know if you’ve got a link to some climbing-related goodies so we can share with everyone else!

–  Congrats to Heather Robinson for sending her first 5.14 last week!  http://bit.ly/Kxw72R
– This article from Jeanette (@cliffmama) is FANTASTIC – full of tips for climbing with kids from toddlers to teenagers!  http://bit.ly/K6Ai3h
– Colette McInerney is getting started on bolting new routes & talks about the process:  http://bit.ly/Kasmfd
– Another new blog by Colette McInerney as she talks more about new route development & its challenges  http://fiveten.com/community/blog-detail/13060-driving-in-circles-colette-mcinerney
– Outdoor Research (@ORGEAR) athlete Naomi Risch is healthy, strong & has come up with a great plan of attack to lead a 5.12a:  http://bit.ly/JNLP8k
– Hey Ladies! The American Alpine Club wants a woman to rep for them at this Italian Trad Meet:  http://owl.li/b0skR
– New blog from Emily Harrington (@emilyharringto) on her Everest experience thus far: http://bit.ly/JskxpM
– Whoa, Therese Johansen is one strong Chick, check out these videos! http://bit.ly/KYnsU4
– Recent video of Lisa Rands, who’s totally rad. http://bit.ly/Kars2n
– Impressive! Madaleine Sorkin & Brad Gobright have claimed the 3rd free ascent of the iconic Hallucinogenic Wall:  http://bit.ly/Jg6F1K
– New blog from Sasha DiGiulian (@sashadigiulian) on her recent trip to compete in Japan:  http://bit.ly/o9H6j3
–  23-year-old Hazel Findlay talks to the The Sun about her successful E9 rated climb in Devon: http://bit.ly/Kp3O3N
– Female Footage Fridays from Climb on, Sister!  Vikki Glinskii of the RV Project http://bit.ly/Kl5pGk
– New to climbing or know someone who is? Check out this great refresher on how to belay a top rope climber: http://bit.ly/Kl2b5y
– Heh, just a plain ol’ weekend in Yos. What Did You Do This Weekend? http://bit.ly/K7gZs2
– Fair Means Free Soloing: http://bit.ly/Kxu6DU
– Robson’s Emperor Face in a Day! http://owl.li/aUccO
– Second ascent of Mystic Stylez (V15) by Dave MacLeod http://bit.ly/JFt6MJ
– Congrats to SCARPA athletes Jon Walsh & Josh Wharton! http://bit.ly/KKPepA
– Rock climbing, could it be great therapy for kids with ADHD? http://goo.gl/YeGyE
–  Next time you’re thinking about clipping an old pin… Make sure you have a backup. http://bit.ly/LNhcRa
– Osprey’s Shannon Hahn climb against the odds: support the Breast Cancer Fund (@breastcancerfnd) to stop cancer before it starts http://bit.ly/JjQGvt
– Are you climbing closer to home now that gas prices are high? Good questions asked by Splitter Choss:  http://bit.ly/JNVY57
–  First part of anatomy of a tragedy high on Mount McKinley, North America’s tallest mountain:  http://bit.ly/JS9Yck
– Amazing kids that Erica (@Cragmama) has interviewed: Cameron and Jonathan Horst. These kids can crush! http://bit.ly/KVNA5j
– New blog from the Access Fund (@accessfund) on poop disposal strategies for climbers:  http://bit.ly/JH8Km6
– Do climbers deserve the selfish rap? http://bit.ly/JD3B1U

– Town of Ouray has purchased more land in the ice park from the Forest Service: http://owl.li/aUfEF
– Did you get the AAC (@americanalpine) May newsletter in your inbox last week? Lots going on, check it out! http://bit.ly/KYpK5t
– Katie Ives is named Editor-in-Chief of the Alpinist. Congratulations! http://bit.ly/KEkJST
– Peak to be named for fallen climber Charlie Fowler: http://shar.es/q31lk

Training & Nutrition
– Campus training with Flannery Shay-Nemirow: http://youtu.be/j-Sc_m7GGSg She’s so strong and inspiring!
– 12-week program to develop stronger climbing fingers & hands courtesy of Climbing Magazine (@ClimbingMag):  http://bit.ly/Kr3NAD
– Beth Rodden is on a “Betty-the-homemaker” streak. Read on for her homemade granola recipe http://bit.ly/KhOXsn
– Dirtbag Gourmet: Margaritas with Climber Kelly Cordes http://bit.ly/LSDvoD

– New gear review from @cragmama of the Trango “Smooth” quickdraw: http://bit.ly/LNiIml
– Proper GRIGRI use video from Petzl (@Petzl) including tips on belaying the leader – http://dai.ly/brcdXK
– New gear review from Gif (@rockclimberlife) of Mammut’s Liquid Chalk: http://bit.ly/JxbF48

Trip Reports
– New trip report from Erica (@cragmama) who had a great Mother’s Day sending-type weekend at the New: http://bit.ly/JNSOOK
– Girly Guide Jen Olson takes a group to the highest height in Alberta: Mt. Columbia 3747m:  http://bit.ly/Kl2u0o
– Joshua Tree April Trip from Eileen (@rockgrrl): Allergies and Heat? Move Like a Turtle, Eat Like a Winger: http://bit.ly/JgqZxJ

– Missed this beautiful blog from Caroline George while we were in the Creek: “Being a mom, being me”: http://bit.ly/J13szj
– Great blog from Lizzy of Dreaming in Vertical (@dreaminvertical) who really took a look at why she climbs: http://bit.ly/JNKOgF
– New from Tali of @cupcakemafia: My new blog series…the ABCs of my Favorite Things! A is for… http://ow.ly/aTuW5

Fun Stuff
– This is a fun one – @thestonemind‘s “Seven Deadly Sprays” of climbing: http://bit.ly/KYloLI
– This week’s Rock & Ice (@RockandIce) TNB is all about climbing’s biggest controversies!  http://bit.ly/JH4B1J
–  “Dude, You Are About To Get Hugged.” Brendan (@semi_rad) breaks down the bro-hug. http://is.gd/Ubqc69
– The Head Geargal wonders: What Do Outdoorsy Men Want? http://bit.ly/JNtfNO

– Not really a giveaway, but a really unique opportunity! Since Majka Burhardt (@majkaburhardt): can’t go  climbing in Ethiopia this year, she wants to know if you can go instead?  http://bit.ly/LfBkPx

If you have a blog entry that you think would be of interest to the women of Chicks Climbing please let us know! We love getting contributed content from other women – anything from trip reports, nutrition and training tips, to videos. We want to share your resources with the community – much like we do with the Gossip Report and are more than happy to re-publish and share links on behalf of the women’s climbing community!