Exercise At Home – Intermediate Workouts

It is very important to exercise even when we are stuck at home.

Try these intermediate workouts for an at-home exercise routine that you can do in your living room.

If these are too hard or you are just starting, here are the Beginner Isolation Workouts.

Do one of these workouts, or two of them, or all of them in a day.

Look for a third set of advanced workouts that will build on this week’s workouts in the next regular Chicks Email.  Stay tuned and stay fit!

If you’re further committed to training and need additional support, or you need more video instruction, you can email me at carolyn@rippleffectraining.com and I’ll send you an access code to Ripple Effect’s private, training-video database.

All my best!


Carolyn Parker demonstrates a side plank exercise at home

Exercise at home! Carolyn Parker, Founder Ripple Effect Training, demonstrates a living room side plank.

Isolation Workouts − Warm Up

10 min of walking, light jog, heavy house work like vacuuming, wrestling with kids, zumba video! You get the idea! Get your heart rate up and get warm.

2 x 8 shoulder opener, with belt, ski pole, yoga strap, jump rope, towel.

2 x 5 push up, counter top, knees or toes.

3 x 5 air squats or sit to stands – imagine that wall is in front of you.

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At Home – Intermediate Workout 1

Warm-up (see above)


30 sec jog in place, lifting your knees as high as you can

30 sec easy jog in place

30 sec rest

4 rounds


10 x sit up 

10 x leg raise/lower

10 x windshield wiper (10 per side) 

rest 60 secs

4 rounds


8 x push ups 

10 x door-frame, body row (Grab door, pull body forward and release body away to make a body row movement.)

or fill a backpack with weight, or two water bottles/gallon jugs and do a bent over row.

10 x split jump

minimal rest

5 rounds

Cool Down with some light mobility 

At Home – Intermediate Workout 2

Warm-up (see above)


20 x jumping jack

20 x air squat

20 x mountain climber per leg

20 x lunges in place – 5 per leg

20 x side plank with a hip lower and lift (that’s what you are counting 5 per side)

20 x squat jumps

20 x burpees

Rest as necessary 

3 rounds


Cool Down with some light mobility

At Home – Intermediate Workout 3

Warm-up (see above)


4 x 30 sec push ups / 30 sec plank – 4 min total

1:00 rest

4 x 30 sec air squat / 30 sec hold in the bottom of the squat – 4 min total

1:00 rest

4 x 30 sec sit up / 30 sec with straight legs elevated 6” off the floor – 4 min total

1:00 rest

4 x 30 sec windshield wiper / 30 sec flutter kick – 4 min total

1:00 rest

4 x 30 sec lunges in place/30 sec “rest” jog in place – 4 min total

1:00 rest

4 x 30 sec bicycles / 30 sec mountain climbers – 4 min total


Cool Down with some light mobility

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