Dust Off Your Crampons! Tips to Prepare Your Ice Gear

The temperatures are dropping and ice is forming, it’s time for you to take stock of your inventory and prepare all your gear for the season of screws, picks, and pillars.  You’ll be surprised at how being proactive will ensure you have a bomber start to the season.  Girly Guide, Dawn Glanc, helps walk us through the prep process.

Make repairs – stitch up the holes in your gloves, fix any broken buckles/straps, clean out last year’s coffee from your thermos, and fix any minor damages to your favorite baselayers.  Also, for those that wear lightweight helmets, make sure there are no punctures or damage from last season.

WinterGearSharpen, sharpen, sharpen – We love the feel of brand new picks on the ice.  Get the next best thing by taking the time to sharpen your crampons and picks.  Better yet, give our friends at Ouray Mountain Sports a call and see if you can send your poky objects (screws, picks & crampons) to them now and have them ready to go for your first trip to Ouray!

Re-waterproof – Did you know that all that dirt, oil and grime on your waterproof/resistant layers actually clogs the membranes which affects its ability to do its very important job of keeping you dry?  Wash and re-waterproof these layers with the appropriate Nikwax product.

Adjust – Does your harness and helmet transition from rock to ice?  Add ice clippers to your harness (remember the awesome clippers Chicks participants got from Black Diamond last year?  They are perfect!) and adjust your leg loops and chin strap early so you are not fumbling with them while wearing mittens at the base of your favorite climb while the party behind you beats you to the first pitch!  You also don’t want to be worried about your crampons day of, so make sure your crampons are configured to fit the boots you will be wearing next.  Lastly, it’s time to make the switch from nut tool to v-thread.

Restock – Have a favorite energy snack or drink?  Stock up now and don’t forget to check leftover Grabber Warmers for expiration date and order in bulk for the entire season!

Place orders –  After all repairs and adjustments are made, inventory your gear.  Don’t forget to try on clothes you haven’t worn for a while to check the fit (hey, you drop a lot of pounds rock climbing!).  If you need to purchase replacement gear or need new gear for your 2014/2015 adventures, now is the time.  Winter gear has a tendency to fly off the shelves!