Devil’s Lake Weekend Skills Clinics report

Something we pride ourselves in at Chicks Climbing is not being afraid to try something new; after all,  it’s something we ask our participants to do at our clinics.

Taking calculated risks is part of our business and it’s part of what makes life interesting and alive. So this year we offered very affordable Skills Clinics over the weekend and we even invited men.

Well, the men didn’t show up but a small group of women did. What we offered were ground schools that will elevate climbers to new heights: anchor building, multi-pitch transitions, placing gear or making sense of the head games when working a project. The women loved it and learned more than they ever would have imagined without even leaving the ground.

To top off the weekend, Kitty Calhoun gave a free slideshow on Sunday night at the University of Wisconsin about her “Epics on Big Walls” – her disclaimer was that an epic is simply an experience and a journey that the “hero” brings back to tell. She said “not that I’m a hero or anything, I’ve just simply returned to tell you about it.”

Kitty has a way of captivating an audience with her southern charm and infectious laughter, plus she can spin-a-yarn better than anyone I know.

With that behind us, today we launched our three day Chicks Rock! women’s intensive rock climbing course where the women will get a lot of vertical and experience off the ground. Check out our Twitter feed, Flickr Pool, and Facebook page for regular updates from Chicks at Devil’s Lake!

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