Devils Lake Trip Report

By Girly Guide Dawn Glanc

In 2009, Chicks With Picks decided to expand their horizons and offer rock climbing. A number of guides and a few Chicks alumni put their heads together to come up with Chicks Rock!.  The rock climbing programs were an instant success. Thanks to the help of Chicks Alumni Anne Hughes, the Devils Lake clinic became a reality and, this year, completed its 5th year of awesome clinics.

ShannonEnteringChimney2013 Devil's Lake Clinic

Nothing but smiles at Devils Lake. Photo by Dawn Glanc

The Devils Lake clinic was one of the first Chicks Rock! programs to run in 2009. This Midwest climbing destination has been a popular favorite since the beginning (see Anne’s post Why Climbers Cut their Teeth at Devils Lake). The Wisconsin location is perfect, allowing women from all over the Midwest to drive a few hours to the clinic. The location draws mostly Midwesterners, however we have had some foreign visitors attend the clinic because it was a reason to come and check out the middle of the country. No matter what a person’s background is, the Devils Lake climbing area seems to be accessible, inviting and non-threatening.

The 2013 Devils Lake clinic was unusual due to the weather. The cool 60-degree days made for great climbing temperatures. The sticky rubber seemed to work on just about anything. The friction was extra high on the hard quartzite. The lack of heat and humidity allowed us to focus on skills, movement and the perfect nature of the climbing.

The Chicks Rock! clinics are perfect for women of all ability levels. The guides help foster an environment that allows the women to feel supported and safe. This atmosphere allows women to push themselves and really explore their boundaries. This energy is what allowed five of the women to try rock climbing for the first time ever at Devils Lake. The shared cheers of encouragement and unlimited patience pushed the women to try hard and have fun.  In the end, fun is what we are truly striving for.

Thanks to all the ladies and my fellow guides for an amazing clinic. As always, I am inspired by the women I met and the stories we shared. I look forward to another great Devils Lake clinic next year. Climb on and have fun!

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