Climbing in Iceland with Loki the Deceiver

Kitty setting new route in Iceland

Kitty setting a new route in Iceland.

Girly Guide and Patagonia Ambassador, Kitty Calhoun, recently returned for an amazing trip to Iceland where she, Jay Smith, John Catto, and Beth Goralski put up eight new routes and two partials.  Most of which were two pitches of WI 4-5+.

Below is an excerpt, read the full article on Patagonia’s blog, The Cleanest Line.

Iceland is a land of extremes – stark beauty within a harsh, unforgiving landscape and an equally daunting climate. Volcanoes are still erupting, earthquakes are nearly constant, yet the geothermal water provides Iceland with most of its energy needs and natural hot springs ease the cold of winter. Eleven percent of the country is covered with glaciers. Sighting of the aurora borealis is common. The coast is dotted with steep cliffs, overhung by glaciers and blasted by wind off the ocean. Yet over 300 species of birds nest in these cliffs, eider ducks (think eiderdown) float in the ocean and the fishery is Iceland’s largest source of income.

In such a stark and dramatic landscape, it is easy to imagine events being controlled by the Norse gods. In fact, on our quest for virgin ice climbs, we too felt their power – one in particular: Loki the trickster, deceiver, god of chaos.

Read the full article on Patagonia’s blog, The Cleanest Line.