Ouray, Colorado mixed climbing

Ouray, Colorado | Mixed Climbing

mixed climbing at Skylight, Camp Bird Road, Ouray, Colorado

Learn mixed climbing in Ouray, Colorado from the most experienced and qualified female guides in the industry.

Mixed Climbing is climbing on steep rock (with little or no ice) using ice climbing gear- crampons and ice tools.

Precise moves and the ability to make long reaches with the extra length of ice climbing tools is especially fun for women who can often feel height challenged.

It’s ridiculously amazing to be able to use the tiniest of holds to stand on or to pull hard on. Every time I do a mixed clinic, I learn more.” –Sandy Fee, Chicks Ouray, Colorado Mixed Climbing participant.

“First things first!”

Co-Owner Chicks Climbing and Skiing, Kitty Calhoun, first mixed climbed in 1985 when she was on Mt. Denali’s Cassin Ridge at 20,000 feet and carrying a 40 lb pack!

But it wasn’t until ten years later when Kitty started practicing modern, mixed climbing that she found it did wonders for her climbing technique.

(Read more about climbing smoothly on Kitty’s blog, Mixed Climbing Quick Tips – How To Climb Smoothly.

Modern Mixed climbing is a particularly exciting climbing challenge.

Technical moves like pushing off small crystals with front points, reaching for and hooking small divots, relaxing and lifting a foot to another crystal are the basics of all climbing technique, but on steroids.

mixed climbing moving from an ice blob to dry rock, camp bird road, Ouray, ColoradoModern mixed climbing can help you improve as a climber more than any other kind of climbing. Using ice axes and crampons for purchase increases your sense of possibility,


  • balance,
  • commitment
  • and focus.
  • Plus, remember the monkey bars?

It turns out that hanging around on steep rock, practicing dynamic moves is very fun!

Mixed climbing evokes a childlike sense of joy in discovering potential.

Among the many advantages to learning from a master like Kitty is that she has a plan. “First things first.” Then, second things. Then third…

Read more about Kitty’s progressive climbing strategy in her Blog, How Do You Know When You Know Enough?

Chicks believes in building skills progressively and comprehensively.

The foundation for sound decision-making and climbing-confidence is to step up on a growing set of skills.

Chicks’ Ouray, Colorado | Mixed Climbing clinic is a “second-step” course. We recommend that you take at least our Ouray, Colorado | Ice Climbing 3-Day course first.


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  • 3 days of mixed climbing instruction
  • 4-to-1 ratio
  • 3 nights lodging (optional-(Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
  • All Ice climbing gear (harness, helmet, boots, crampons, ice tools)
  • Technical clothing
  • Meals (breakfast, dinner)
  • Sponsor gift bag


  • Lunch
  • Air and Ground Transportation
  • Gratuities


Travel Information

What to Bring List


Day 1: JANUARY 31, 2020
2:30 pm: Arrive at the Ouray Chalet Inn and check-in.

4:00 pm: Opening meeting at the Secret Garden. We will have an orientation meeting, eat dinner and hand out demo gear.

Day 2: FEBRUARY 1, 2020

7:30 am-8:00 am:  Breakfast at the hotel

8:00 am: Depart for climbing

8:00am-4:00pm: Climbing along Campbird Road

4:00-6:00 pm: Downtime

6:00pm-8:00pm: Dinner at the Secret Garden

Day 3: FEBRUARY 2, 2020

7:30 am-8:00 am: Breakfast at the hotel

8:00 am: Leave for climbing

8:00-4:00: Climbing along Campbird Road

4:00-6:00 pm: Downtime

6:00 pm-8:00 pm: Dinner at the Secret Garden

Day 4: FEBRUARY 3, 2020

7:30 am-8:00 am: Breakfast at the hotel

8:00 am: Check out of your room and leave for climbing

8:00-3:00: Climbing along Campbird Road

4:00 pm: Hand in demo gear and closing meeting.



All requests for cancellations must be submitted in writing.  Chicks requires full payment at the time of booking for all programs, refunds will be issued according to the following schedule:

  • More than 60 days, full refund minus a 10% administration fee
  • 30-60 days, 50% refund
  • Less than 30 days, no refund no transfer of payments.

*Travel insurance is required for all International Trips and is strongly recommended for US programs as well. In the event you have an unexpected life occurrence and need to cancel it will help you recover your payment. Chicks works with an agent who is familiar with our programs and travel insurance needs. Please contact Erin Rountree at 208-788-2870.