Indian Creek Big Wall / Aid Clinic – October 9-11, 2021

Carolyn Parker putting her climbing training program to use climbing in Indian Creek, Utah

Carolyn Parker, Founder Ripple Effect Training, AMGA Rock Guide, putting her Climbing Training Program to use. Indian Creek, Utah ©Carolyn Parker collection.


Big Wall / Aid Clinic

Indian Creek

October 9 – 11, 2021



Have you been dreaming of getting up on a wall…but just don’t know where to start to gain the skills needed to reach the summit? Well, this clinic is for you!! Join Lor and Heidi for this Big Wall Aid Clinic! We will cover all skills needed to make you Big Wall Ready!! 


This workshop is designed for those seeking to learn basic aid climbing techniques including: C1 gear placements, use of aiders, proper jugging technique, basic hauling systems, lower outs, setting up your ledge, how to go to the bathroom on a wall and what to bring in that big ole haul bag!! Advanced techniques such as difficult aide may not be covered but we will do our best to address all questions. 



This course is designed for anyone psyched to learn these skills! A basic understanding of rope systems and gear placements will be advantageous.


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Sample Itinerary:


October 8:

Arrive in Indian Creek

Get settled at the group campsite


October 9: 

8am: Discussion of course; goals

8:30-3:30: Gear placement, use of aiders

3:30-4: Debrief 


October 10:

8am: Meet up and head to crag

8-3:30: Jugging, lower outs and basic hauling. And more aiding!

3:30-4: Debrief

7pm: Group gathering for drinks, desserts & guide discussion: aid climbing topic


October 11:

8am: Meet up and head to crag

8-3:30: Setting up the ledge, what’s in the haul bag, discussion on speed climbing and how to go to the bathroom up there. Then bringing it all together/practice day!

3:30-4: Debrief







3 days guided instruction

2:1 ratio

minimum of 2 participants required; maximum of 4

Campsite accommodations in Indian Creek

One evening gathering


Not Included:

Individual/personal climbing gear



Guide Gratuity



Heidi Wirtz


Lor Sabourin