Hokkaido Japan Powder skiing

Hokkaido, Japan | Powder Skiing: January 30 to February 7, 2020

Hokkaido Is A Winter Adventure Wonderland

powder skiing in hokkaido

Skiing in Hokkaido, Japan where our guide, Norie Kizaki, always finds the best powder.

Powder skiing in Japan is magical. Just south of Siberia, Hokkaido catches the cold, moisture-rich air coming in from the Siberian Sea.

This sea effect dumps 12 to 16 feet of snow on Hokkaido each season––it’s the deepest, driest powder skiing on earth.

Awesome. It was such a unique experience being out with a group of women. I was pleasantly surprised by all’s skiing ability and the group’s cohesiveness.”
––Jill M., 2016 Chicks Japan Powder Skiing participant

“The high point was giggling on skis in fresh powder.
––Gretchen H., 2016 Chicks Japan Powder Skiing participant

Ski Hokkaido with the best.

Our mission is to empower women through mountain experiences.

This trip will be led by Angela Hawse and Norie Kizaki.

“What I love most about skiing is that that it requires digging deeply. From just getting started, all the way to ski mountaineering, backcountry skiing encompasses big picture stuff like weather, avalanche hazard, communication, and technical skill. It requires homework. You don’t just show up when you go skiing,“–Angela Hawse, Co-Owner of Chicks Climbing and Skiing

Angela stands as America’s leading mountain guide as the president of the American Mountain Guides Association.

Norie Kizaki in Hokkaido where the snow banks reach over her head

Norie Kizaki in Hokkaido where the snowpack reaches over her head.

Norie Kizaki is an American-Japanese ski guide born in rural western Japan.

Norie adds a unique cultural bonus as both a highly accomplished American guide and a Japanese woman. Norie knows Hokkaido’s secret stashes. For the best snow, culture, and food on the island, follow Norie!

Learn more about top-of-the-line guides at Chicks Guides.

Both guides were outstanding. They were excellent leaders, listeners, teachers and supporters.”
––Carol B., 2016 Chicks Japan Powder Skiing participant

So seamless. Incredibly warm and very involved in the group. I love them.
––Candi C., 2016 Chicks Japan Powder Skiing participant


Experience the beauty of nature, summit an active volcano, spend all day outside skiing deep Japow.

The Furano region is in the center of Hokkaido. We’ll ski three, world-class, powder skiing destinations. With Norie leading us, we’ll ski previously scouted terrain that’s not overrun by other skiers.

Powder skiing in Japan

Heading to the summit. Photo: Angela Hawse

  • Daisetsuzan National Park
  • Asahidake
  • Off-Piste close to Furano

On Hokkaido, there are good skiing options in any weather. Beautiful Japanese Birch trees help with visibility on stormy days. On blue-sky days, we can ski tour up live volcanoes to see beautiful views and volcanic fumes. Some days, we will use a tram to lift access off-piste skiing. Other days we’ll ski up with our skins to earn our turns.

Chicks makes skiing in Hokkaido extra special.

Fresh fish for dinner in Hokkdaido.

While the secret might be out about Hokkaido’s powder, we offer an immersive experience in true Japanese culture, away from the crowds. 

For the first half of the trip, we’ll base in Furano and travel to wherever the weather makes the most snow.

For the second half of the trip, we’ll stay in Daisetsuzan National Park Lodge, which has a natural hot springs. We’ll ski the park and nearby areas such as Asahidake. 

“I loved the national park the best.”
––Gretchen H., 2016 Chicks Japan Powder Skiing participant

“The lodge was an awesome cultural experience, as was the dinning in Furano.”
Jill M., 2016 Chicks Japan Powder Skiing participant

Hokkaido, Japan Powder Skiing Is A True Chicks Experience.

Onsen, Hokkaido, Japan

Onsen, Hokkaido, Japan

You’ll get so much more than powder skiing: friendship, camaraderie, new skills, powder technique, face shots, smiles and deeply lasting memories. 

Our group will be small and nimble. We maximize the personal nature of the experience both culturally and in the mountains with a 2:1 guest/guide ratio.

Our first goal is to ski. This is followed closely by the goal of fun. We’re committed to finding the best snow every day. 

On top of it all, you’ll get to know a lot about Japanese culture, with one of your guides being a native Japanese who has guided in Hokkaido for many years.

“Fabulous!”––Gretchen H., 2016 Chicks Japan Powder Skiing participant

“I can ski forever, so 7 days on snow was perf! I liked the off piste side country day in the middle as a rest day.”––Jill M., 2016 Chicks Japan Powder Skiing participant


Prerequisite Experience:

You must be a Level 2 skier for this In Deep Powder Skiing in Japan Trip (or be a Level 1 with 2-3 days of backcountry experience before the program starts).

Hokkaido, Japan

In Deep Powder Skiing. Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido Dates:

January 30-February 7, 2020 (includes travel days to/from the US)


  • 5 and a half guided powder skiing days
  • 2 Professional ski guides and their expenses
  • All transportation in Japan, starting at Sapporo airport and ending at Sapporo airport
  • All lodging and breakfasts
  • Dinners for 6 nights (You are on your own on the first night at Air Terminal Hotel)

Not Included:

  • Airfare from the US. (Airfare from the U.S. to Sapporo ranges from $1000.00 to $1500.00 economy class.)


    Photo: Angela Hawse

  • Personal backcountry skiing and avalanche-rescue equipment
  • Lift tickets if used (average between $45-60 USD)
  • Lunches, alcohol, and dinner on the first night at Air Terminal Hotel
  • Gratuities
  • Travel Insurance (required)

Hokkaido Pricing: $ 3600

You can break this into two payments of $1800 or pay in full at time of registration. We will email you the full equipment list upon registration. This trip will run with a minimum of 4 guests.

Travel Insurance Requirements: (Not Included)

For an international trip with Chicks, LLC, we require that you purchase travel insurance including a global rescue policy. This is necessary to cover your evacuation costs in case of an emergency, trip cancellation, airline delays, and lost baggage. We work with an agent to help you get set up with the required policy. Please contact Erin Rountree at (208) 788-2870. http://www.travelguard.com


Days 1 & 2: JANUARY 30–31

International Travel from the U.S. to Chitose Sapporo Airport.  Arrive late in the afternoon or early evening at Chitose Airport.


Transport from Sapporo to Furano. Half-day of Resort Skiing. Equipment check and avalanche transceiver practice. Stay in Furano


Powder Skiing. Off-piste or ski touring. Stay in Furano.


Powder Skiing. Off-piste or ski touring. Stay in Furano.


Skiing in the Daisetsuzan National Park. Check out from Furano lodging and check into Daisetsuzan National Park lodging.


Skiing in the Daisetsuzan National Park. Stay in Daisetsuzan National Park.


Skiing in Asahidake. Stay in Daisetsuzan National Park.


Check out from National Park lodge and drive 3-4 hours to Chitose airport. Guests fly out in the afternoon!  Because of the time change, you will arrive in US on the same day you depart Japan.

*Actual daily schedule will be based on finding the best powder skiing conditions each day.


All requests for cancellations must be submitted in writing.  Chicks requires full payment at the time of booking for all programs, refunds will be issued according to the following schedule:

  • More than 60 days, full refund minus a 10% administration fee
  • 30-60 days, 50% refund
  • Less than 30 days, no refund no transfer of payments.

*Travel insurance is required for all International Trips and is strongly recommended for US programs as well. In the event, you have an unexpected life occurrence and need to cancel it will help you recover your payment. Chicks works with an agent who is familiar with our programs and travel insurance needs. Please contact Erin Rountree at 208-788-2870.