Chicks with Picks discounts available NOW!

Since we just wrapped up our last Chicks Climbing clinic for 2012, we thought what better way to celebrate such a fantastic year (wouldn’t you agree?!), then offering a couple different discounts for our upcoming Chicks with Picks ice climbing clinics!

Photo by Dawn Glanc.

So, that’s what we are going to do in the form of both a “Buddy Deal” and “Early-Bird” discount.

Here’s the deal. There are two different discounts you can take advantage of, but the following conditions apply to both the “Buddy Deal” and “Early-Bird” offers.
– The discounts are for the full package only. They DO NOT APPLY to the clinics offered at the “no hotel” or “dirtbag” pricing. The discounts are only valid for those who select lodging in either the single or double occupancy format. When you look at the clinic offerings this means that it only applies to “Option 1” and “Option 2”.

– The discount will be refunded only to those Chicks that PAY IN FULL by Nov. 22.

– You can only get one discount – so no combining the “Buddy Deal” and “Early Bird!”

So how much can you save?

Buddy Deal

If you sign up for a Chicks with Picks clinic with a buddy, and you both pay in full by Nov. 22, you will each be refunded $100 on the cost of the clinic.

Early Bird

For those of you who are signing up on your own, if you sign up and pay in full by Nov. 22, you will be refunded $75 from the cost of the clinic.

The discounts are applicable to any of our four Chicks with Picks clinic offerings: The Graduate, The Sampler, The Complete and the Quickie.

Finally, for those within a group of three friends, please contact us at info(at) so we can get the buddy deal savings worked out for you as well!

Now get to recruiting your girls and make sure you sign up and pay in full by Nov. 22 to cash in on the savings! Let’s get ready to have a blast in Ouray! 🙂

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