Chicks talk Chicks – feedback from Girly Gathering in the Dacks

The following is a feedback form one of the Chicks that attended our Sterling Rope-sponsored Girly Gathering in the Dacks filled out that REALLY captured the weekend event of 15 Chicks, 4 guides, 2 assistants, and the Head Chick in the heart of the Keene Valley.

First though I want to thank you for putting on such an exceptional clinic!!!  It is no small feat to have such a terrific gathering flow so seamlessly and you make it all appear so effortless.  Your guidance and vision for a women’s gathering is truly unique and elevates the total experience to a completely different learning level.  My guess is that many of your climbers come away with the huge bonus of valuable personal insights, growth and reflections on life, certainly that was my experience and thank you for that gift, it is very much appreciated!

Clinic Questionnaire 
1. Was the pre-clinic material helpful?  Did you feel prepared for the clinic?
All the preparatory information on the website was excellent from clothing lists, directions to the meeting spot and accommodation details.  Everything was right on point and gave me all the details I needed to plan the trip.

2.  How was the overall Chicks Rock experience?
The total package was amazing!  I arrived expecting to learn neat stuff about rock climbing, which I did, but the clinic was so much more than that.  Just the opportunity to hear the comments and stories from the incredibly talented guides and other climbers would have been worth the clinic price on it’s own.

3.  What did you enjoy most about the clinic?
Gotta say I loved the opportunity to climb on such beautiful rock!  A close second was the ability to connect and learn from other women, both guides and climbing chicks.. .there was a ton of fun stuff to take in.

4.  What could we do better next time?
Option of a three or maybe a four-day clinic.

 5.  Please comment on your guide.
Our guides are way beyond AWESOME!!!  They were generous, positive, always on top of what was happening technically and socially.  Those women are an inspiration, incredibly talented, fun to be with and they worked so hard to make sure we experienced the best of what’s out there!

6.  How was the camp scene ?
Loved everything about the camp set up.  Wonderful sites for gathering for the meals which were delicious.  For those of us that tented, the location and camaraderie was great.  From the online description of the camping area, I thought there might be some traffic noise but the only noise I heard was the babbling water gurgles of the river – lovely.  All this within walking distance of a coffee stop!

7.  How did the schedule work for you?
The schedule worked great.  Everything was well thought out, paced and did run like clockwork as promised.

8.  What was your highpoint?
Looking up at the rock on the first day, seeing the sunlight make the rock glow all pink and sparkly against some acrid green moss and thinking how lucky am I to have the opportunity to climb this!!!  Truly a wonderful blessing.

9.  What was your low point?
When the lightening and thunder started and we had to pack up and leave.

10.  Please share with us any other comments or ideas for next time..
I would like the opportunity to watch some of the higher level climbers or guides climb although I wouldn’t want to take away from any of our group climbing time.  I’ve never seen women climb in real life on rock except in our group… something else to look forward to.

Kim, also thank you for the serious swag you gathered from your sponsors!  Love the Julbo sunglasses, so cool!!  I feel like I am channeling the awesomely fierce chick on your Chicks Rock logo when I put them on.

MANY THANKS once again for everything!!!!!

🙂 Check out the photo gallery compiled from many of our Dacks Chicks here on our Facebook page to see more of the fun we had in New York!

We have one more Sterling Rope-sponsored Girly Gathering coming up at the New Sept. 23-25, you can check out all the details here!

Finally, our last Chicks Rock! event of the season is going to be back at Red Rock Canyon, Oct. 20-23, with an optional multi-pitch day Oct. 24. This will be your last chance to rock out with Chicks before ICE season!