Chick’s Red Rock Testimonial

We want to thank Chick Christi Milovich for sending in this testimonial after climbing with us out at Red Rock a couple of weeks ago during our Chicks Rock! fall clinic. This is one of the most moving pieces I’ve read in a long time, and it really is a lovely testament to the spirit of Chicks!

It’s difficult for me to put my Chick’s experience into words; but, the fact that several days later I am still marveling at its greatness may be description enough. While it far exceeded my expectations, and probably was the best $795 I’ve ever spent, it also served as some magnificent, unexpected, antidote – an elixir – if you will, to a busted-up confidence and unruly self-doubt, which had (rather rudely) seeped into my life over the past several months.

The Head Chick herself could have been the mastermind; purposefully concocting a radical potion of bad-ass women, good food, perfect weather, challenging climbs, first-class instruction and intriguing conversations. Or, perhaps the Man Upstairs played a part in all of it. In any case, it doesn’t really matter, ‘cause it was what it was, and what it was, was one of the most rewarding, inspiring & encouraging experiences I’ve had in a really long time. Oh, and did I mention the food?

First off, this batch of Chicks was not your average, run-of-the-mill variety. The flock consisted of a doctor, a lawyer, a chemist-turned-software-engineer, an occupational therapist, a chef and a sculptor (and these were just the unhidden talents). And secondly, these women were team players – just as prepared to see another lady accomplish greatness as they were themselves. Collectively, we fostered an intelligent, supportive, light-hearted and energetic environment.

Then, there were the Girly Guides. Kitty, Dawn and Erica. Words really don’t give justice to the intrigue these gals elicit. They are just that stunning. And not just because they’re professional athletes who drive Sprinter Van’s named Betty, run around putting up FA’s in the ice and are former Crystal Mountain Ski Patrols (oh yea, and who grace the pages of your climbing magazines – go ahead – google them), but because they are humble, strong, beautiful and unassuming. Let’s say salt-of-the-earth. They acted with grace and purpose; keying in on each woman’s strengths and helping each of us to reach individual goals. At the end of the trip, utterly astonished at the awesomeness of these ladies, and at a loss for words, I could only describe them as glow-in-the-dark. And if you’ve met them, you know exactly what I mean.