Chicks leave Red Rock with new skills, confidence and a lot of miles!

Women Rock Climbing Red Rock Nevada

Photo by: Dawn Glanc

Chicks Climbing kicked off another rock  season with the spring Red Rock Clinic. The first weekend in April was perfect weather to explore the conservation area located just outside of Las Vegas. Due to the cooler temperatures and light winds,  we were able to climb at walls that are typically too hot this time of year. The first day we went to the Panty Wall to warm up to the perfect desert varnish sandstone. The multitude of moderate routes kept us busy all day. Day two, we went to Moderate Mecca to work on crack climbing skills. We also used this perfect terrain to practice gear placements and anchor building. The last day we ventured to the Magic Bus. This was a great area to practice all the skills we had been working on. Each climber had  huge gains in their climbing abilities over the course of the clinic. We even had three women complete their first multi-pitch climb ever!

Chicks Climbing Red Rock

Photo by: Dawn Glanc

Each woman had a break through that helped take her climbing to another level. I, as the instructor, was so pleased to see the progress. Each person pushed their limits and learned it was okay to work out moves and fall onto the rope. I bragged about the women and their successes to the recreational climbers near by. Each day I was so proud of the efforts put forth, and the positive results that arose.

I love to kick off the rock season with this Red Rock clinic. The climbing passion that was displayed by these women was infectious. The mental toughness and willingness to try hard never wavered. I learned once again that this is why I host this type of clinic. I teach to pass on knowledge, but mostly I do it to absorb the power and help fuel my own climbing. I can’t wait for the next rock clinic in Indian Creek to keep my fire burning strong.

Written by Girly Guide, Dawn Glanc (