Chicks Gear Review: Skhoop Skirts Rock!

SkhoopLet me introduce my favorite piece of clothing: the Skhoop Down Skirt. It’s the original insulated skirt, brought to you fromSkhoop’s home of Sweden, but well-established in the US now, via Anchorage, AK.  These skirts are fun, smart cold-climate wear for active women.  Oh, you think it’s not technical wear?  Stand corrected, this piece accompanies me into the ice park, onto the ski lift, and to the rock walls.  Along with my puffy, this skirt comes out of my pack as soon as I finish a climb and the temps drop.  For such a relatively small and lightweight piece of clothing, it does wonders in keeping my core temperature up.

Here’s the beta: The skirt has one complete side zip, allowing you to easily put it on over your layers, for example your climbing pants and even your harness.  The opposite side-zip opens partially, so you can keep the bottom edge of your skirt loose enough to be comfortable skiing, walking for making some outdoor yoga moves.  The front edge is scooped for a flattering look.  The short version of the down skirt stops just above the knees, keeping my bum and my upper legs toasty warm. This skirt is so much fun to wear and it makes me feel cozy.  If I haven’t convinced you yet, you might just have to Skhoop one up and try it!

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