Written by:  Angela Hawse

IMG_2653Are you chomping to take your rock and ice skills into the mountains? Or are you already a seasoned alpine climber?  No matter what your skill level, a quality boot adds security to your steps and a greater degree of control and protection for your feet for the countless hours you’ll spend moving over rock, snow and ice on a typical alpine day.  Boots have changed a lot over the past decade and the SCARPA Rebel Pro GTX is two steps ahead of the pack.

Designed with “The Swiss Machine”, Uli Steck, the Rebel Pro is the Ferrari of boots, but not as specialized as you might think.  This boots excels at climbing rock with a super sticky Vibram sole and if you like edging, this boot will dance on a dime.  It’s a solid step kicker in the snow with toe and heel welts for step in crampons to add security when the going gets firm or icy.  Some like our own Kitty Calhoun even herald it as a winter ice climbing boot.  No matter what your pleasure, you’ll definitely notice how lightweight this boot is and how it molds to your foot with a stream-line profile.  It feels more like an approach shoe than a boot, which makes a difference on big objectives.

5033-218_ORG02_view1_720x720This is my three season (spring/summer/autumn) go-to alpine boot.  In winter, I prefer the SCARPA Phantom Tech for ice climbing to keep my feet happy.  For summer glacier routes with two or more nights out, the Mont Blanc Pro GTX Wm’s is a better choice.  Both of these models have more insulation and a much stiffer sole providing more rigidity.  The Rebel Pro GTX sacrifices some insulation for weight and bulk, but still has enough to keep your toes warm down to about 20 degrees.  It’s not a standing around in the cold kind of boot.  It wants to move and if you are moving it’ll make you happy.

A carbon-fiber mid-sole gives the Rebel enough stiffness for precision front-pointing with an amazing balance of rocker making it versatile for long approaches and descents. This technology is what makes it light, weighing in at a remarkable 650g. per boot.  I was able to wear this right out of the box without any break-in but buyer beware, some break-in time may be required.  There are 5 or more unique features SCARPA has put into this boot that make it the best in class.  If it fits your foot you won’t find a better performing boot.  Stay tuned for more on our first Alpine Camp in our next newsletter where SCARPA provided these boots to a bunch of stoked Chicks to demo.