Chicks Gear Review: Magic Cool Bandana

Written by: Kitty Calhoun

Magic Cool Bandana

Kitty staying cool while training in the desert.

Body temperature regulation affects our performance both mentally – by allowing us to focus, as well as physiologically.

I have always used Kobayashi Consumer Products, Grabber and Hothands warmers, to keep my hands, feet, and body warm in winter and found them to be very effective. I have used them for years while teaching ice climbing clinics for Chicks with Picks as well as on personal alpine climbing trips in the Himalayas.

Just recently, however, I discovered that Kobayashi Consumer Product makes the Magic Cool bandana, which helps cool me during physical exertion in the heat.  The instructions are simple:

1) Simply wet the bandana with water

2) Squeeze out the excess water

3) Wave in the air to activate the rapid cool-down process

The cooling cloth reduces odor with it’s non-toxic, anti-microbial treatment.  It also provides sun protection (UPF +50 UV Protection).  The high-tech fabric is the “magic”.  It is a unique hollow-fiber weave that has high water absorption, retention, and wicking characteristics.  It remains cool as long as the fabric is moist, but even after it dries, the bandana can still acts as a sweat-absorber.

I tested the bandana while running at home in the desert of Southeast Utah.  I found the fabric light and soft.  As advertised, it did a great job of soaking up the sweat as well as keeping me cooler.

The cooling cloth can be worn around your neck or as a scarf over your head and can be helpful during any activity when you might perspire. Current colors are high visibility yellow, reversible orange pattern, and chilled graphite.

Kitty Calhoun is a world-renowned alpinist. She has been guiding for 34 years, including 16 years for Chicks. She is now one of the owners of Chicks Climbing and Skiing.  Her sponsors are Patagonia, SCARPA, PMI ropes, and Julbo Eyewear.

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