Chicks Gear Review: Grabber Handwarmers

Written by: Kitty Calhoun

Chick’s participant Olga Dobranowski on La Ventana, WI5

Chick’s participant Olga Dobranowski on La Ventana, WI5

I have used Grabber hand warmers ever since I can remember for winter ice climbing, skiing, and alpine climbing. I have become so dependent on them, that they have become as much a part of my kit as drinks and snacks.

I generally use the hand warmers in the palms of my hands while belaying and moving them to the tops of my hands while climbing. Sometimes I will move the hand warmers to inside my sport top, right over my heart.  They just seem to add to my sense of well-being on a long, cold day.  I often find that when I set my gloves out to dry at the end of the day, the hand warmers are still warm and have helped dry out my gloves from the inside out.

The Grabber Warmer’s line includes not only hand warmers, (which last 7+ hours), but also toe warmers (6+ hours), foot warmers (5+ hours), body warmers and mega warmers (12+ hours), and ultra warmers (24+ hours).

The Warmers work when air comes into contact with the warmer and activates the natural ingredients. They are a light, economical way to add warmth to your feet, hands, and body.  Warmers and chocolate are two things I never leave home without in the mountains.


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