Chick Pick: Joshua Tree Hand Salve

Written by: Real Life Chick, Diane Mielcarz

Joshua tree hand salveI’m sure all of you have heard of the Gobi Desert but did you know you can GET gobies in the desert? If you are new to the crack climbing scene, and as inexperienced as I am, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Gobies…those abrasions/scrapes that magically appear after a day of finger, hand and fist jamming. Believe it or not, there is relief…Joshua Tree Healing Salve. This salve is highly effective in treating abrasions and scrapes. It is an organic skin treatment that reduces inflammation, promotes healing and moisturizes without softening my calluses. I began using this salve during a recent 3-day Chicks clinic at Indian Creek and was able to climb three days later at Red Rock without any pain or discomfort. I am now an advocate of Tree Salve and will always end my climbing day with it. Thank you Chicks and Joshua Tree Skin Care for the opportunity to try out this product.